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Drum n Bass entered into a new evocative era with Joy Doc’s All of Me

Joy Doc’s latest single, ‘All of Me‘, is a compelling showcase of her multifaceted talent as a drum and bass producer, vocalist, songwriter, DJ, and pianist. Hailing from London, Joy Doc has been carving a niche in the UK’s electronica scene, and this track is an undeniable testament to her superlative prowess.

The track commences with an ornate orchestral introduction, setting an evocative stage for what’s to come. As Joy Doc’s vocals enter, “Oh Lorde,” will be the first thing on your mind due to the striking resemblance and depth in her voice. These vocals, layered over the sound of hammered piano keys, create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere, where you can contemplate the self-sacrifice of giving someone your whole essence only to transform into a shell of who you were before you surrendered yourself completely and knelt at the feet of romantic mercy.  The lyrics poignantly explore the transformation of self when consumed by love, painting a vivid picture of becoming a secondary character in one’s own love story.

The production, handled by Joy Doc herself, is flawlessly and meticulously crafted, ensuring that the listener is drawn in and remains captivated until the outro and then some; the crescendos of drum & bass momentum are tensile, perfectly timed to elevate the track’s emotional intensity.

Mixed and mastered by Jose De Mara, ‘All of Me’ is a declaration of Joy Doc’s potential to dominate the electronica landscape. Her previous accolades, including her debut E.P ‘Sunshine‘ and the recognition of her track ‘Been Here Before‘, are just the beginning.

All of Me will hit the airwaves on April 19th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Konetix weaved an electrifying sonic tapestry with his monocultural-mould smashing Drum n Bass single, Soy Candela

Konetix didn’t just push the boundaries with his latest drum and bass hit, Soy Candela; he forced them to erupt with the infusion of Latina flavour, psytrance transcendence, and jazzy motifs fed through the fiery sax lines.

With infectious energy and electrifying sonic tapestries as the two cornerstones of his MO, the enduringly ambitious artist hasn’t failed to make his mark in the music industry, which has been keen to celebrate his profound passion and the nuances within his distinctively vibrant flair as a music producer.

After his 2020 debut EP, the impassioned visionary has racked up over 10 million streams and has refined his craft while collaborating with industry heavyweights, such as DJ Phantasy, Nicky Blackmarket, Henry Shotta and Ben Snow. To nurture the talent of other emerging acts in the drum and bass scene, he has founded his own record label, Melted Face Records. Somehow, he has also found the time to captivate audiences worldwide with his DJ sets by making appearances at renowned clubs and on international stages.

Stream Soy Candela from June 30th on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast