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Arkansas-based EDM/Pop artist Kn0x feels like everything is so surreal on, ‘Falling’ (feat. Dropgun)

After taking his time to find that sound which he knew felt just right, Kn0x senses that this could be the love that he has been waiting for on his latest speaker-shaking release, ‘Falling(feat. Dropgun).

Kn0x is an El Dorado, Arkansas-based EDM/Pop solo artist who keeps on evolving frequently and isn’t afraid to change what he is doing if it wasn’t working before.

Simmering so beautifully with a spectacular single that has your mind engrossed like a happy camper who has just seen your soulmate, Kn0x drops a track that will have you reaching for the stars and never giving up no matter what pesky obstacles shall come your way. There is a really cultivated production with a punchy vibe on offer, that seems to flow all over your ravenous heart.

Falling(feat. Dropgun) from El Dorado, Arkansas-based EDM/Pop solo artist Kn0x, is a single that has you looking inside your gut to see which path you should head romantically. There is a true story here for us to learn from about always going for the flow, and never forcing anything that isn’t natural into your system. Sung with a gushing atmosphere and with a beat so tasty you might want to munch on it all night, this is a stunning single that brings you so much joyous emotion.

Love can be so simple if you let it.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen