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I Helped You Build A Wall: Driving for Peaches deal with unforeseen deception on ‘Subterfuge’

Taken off the new five-track EP called ‘Circles‘, Driving for Peaches bring us a story that rips the kindness out of your heart for a short while and hardens you up called ‘Subterfuge‘.

Portland, Oregon four-piece indie rock act Driving for Peaches are three friends from the Netherlands, the UK and New Zealand, who tightly knot the type of real music that reaches to your heart strings and pulls you so close, you can feel every sinew of their expression from how weird this past year was.

“We wanted to recognize the strangeness of the life in the past year, living through a pandemic where every day become like the next, where it felt like one thought could transcend past, present, future, fantasy or reality.” Ditte Kuijpers (lead singer of Driving for Peaches).

This is the story about helping someone close, only for them to pull the joker out the pack and run for the hills, not even caring enough to look back. Their evil ways were not seen before as the bright light of love shone too bright, only for it to be darkened when you truly saw what was really transpiring.

Subterfuge‘ from indie rock band Driving for Peaches, swerves into a speeding story that has you shocked and amazed, your mind can’t comprehend how some people take others for granted sometimes. The passionate call for an explanation is wonderfully projected and this is a strong single that is full of melodic soundscapes, that will have you thinking deeply about who you place trust in moving forward.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen