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Movie Club show love and support for local music venues on ‘Driftwood’

Movie Club is a minimalist instrumental duo out of Venice Beach, California that was started in 2018. They believe in the power of a strong and simple union between two instruments to cut through the over-saturated, overproduced music of today. They fire in with their new single called ‘Driftwood‘.

Movie Club is Jessamyn Violet on drums and Vince Cuneo on guitar. These two clearly have a strong bond and the music is so awesome as the groovy beat keeps you jumping for joy. They sound tight together and this is that indie-rock music I could listen to all day.

Driftwood‘ is all about showing love and support for the local music venues in LA that have either had to close down or are gathering dust inside. Due to the shocking pandemic and bad leadership, these iconic venues might see an untimely death which is so sad to see. Generations will miss out on these venues and something music be done about it now before it is too late. Movie Club¬†are a great band and I hope that their message is spread far and wide. Live, local and indie music is the heart and soul of the community and must be saved.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen