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Inspired by lockdown: ‘Kindred Spirits’ from pianist Craig Sutcliffe warms the heart

This is a wonderful instrumental-only full album from a pianist who was inspired by the words from a lady in the crowd. She told him to not keep this stunning music to himself and to get it out there into the world. He did just that. Who knew that playing a small Meditation Session would leave such a last impression.

Kindred Spirits‘ from pianist Craig Sutcliffe is a wonderful album that portrays so much peace and pureness. With a thoughtful melody in each song, we are taken on a journey that helps so much during these dark times.

This is the 5th studio release from Craig Sutcliffe¬†and there are so many highlights here. The top tracks here are ‘Drift Away‘, ‘City Lights‘ and ‘Magical Life’. The marvelously created riffs are like a butterfly landing on your shoulder when you are sad. You forget about your worries for a few moments and remember that life has so many beautiful moments to enjoy.

”The inspiration behind the album was the many Kindred Spirits who come into our life and help us along our journey. Some stay for a short while and some forever.”- Craig Sutcliffe

Hear this lovely music on the Spotify page and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen