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Made You Mean: Hot For Crime knows that the love has faded on the powerful No Te Quiero

Produced by the well-respected chart-topping genius Drew Fulk, Hot For Crime thunders into the lightning storm and somehow manages to stay completely dry on the ear-popping piledriver to win all wars with called No Te Quiero.

Hot For Crime is a Los Angeles, California-fused indie rock and roll band who love to fire up the crowd with the ’60s and 70’s enlightened soundtrack to turn up loud.

Their debut album meant to be played loud, preferably on your car stereo, with the top down, as you speed along L.A.’s fabled Sunset Strip, where they fit right in.” ~ Hot For Crime

No Te Quiero from Los Angeles, California-based indie rock band Hot For Crime is a rather fantastic single to delve deeply into when an extra burst of energy is needed. Weathering the storms and putting on one heck of a performance, this is probably one of the most uplifting tracks around due to its edgy fundamentals and an assortment of timeless brilliance for the soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen