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Drew Curry’s ‘Uncooked Crack’ Pokes In & Out Of Pop Culture References

Rapping, like many other music scenes, has a face that it’s used to. In today’s world, we’re finally starting to understand that pop isn’t just for pretty faces. We’re realizing that women can rock just as hard. A white rapper isn’t the hardest thing to imagine anymore, but this doesn’t mean one can always feel welcome when indulging in another culture’s art-styles. Drew Curry carries the confidence of a rapper, and uses that to push forward with his track Uncooked Crack.

This song teases and pokes in and out of pop culture references. The lyrics aren’t meant to shake your foundation but they also lack the feeling that Curry has something to prove. This isn’t a statement or act of defiance against the status quo. This is Borat-jokes and a fun, simple, good time. The beat is good and the bass is thunderous. The loop of pitch-shifted pianos carry enough interest for anyone questioning the composition of the instrumentals. As for the rapping itself, it’s got a dash of flow and no need for speed. There’s nothing fancy about it, nothing to brag about, just a song that sounds like it was a blast to make. Drew Curry’s released plenty of material, so if straight-forward verses with no extra garnish are what you seek, look no further.