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Filling up our appetite for live music: Nightbird Casino combine genres beautifully on ‘The Mains’

Nightbird Casino swoop into our lives to feed our hungry hearts with their latest epic track called ‘The Mains‘. This is a new song that has been made-ironically-due to the current pandemic as the band were able to lock themselves into their home studio and make an absolute gem of a track.

Taken off their first full length release for two years called ‘Gregorian Nap‘, this is a dreamy indie rock track that has so many genres inside, you might need to get extra fillings to add into your packed sandwich. The sauce is so delicious here and the multi-instrumentalists James Moore & Don Shepherd certainly know how to put on a show with the way they bend genres like an Avatar and destroy any pre-conceived notions about what a band should sound like.

I love how the intriguing electronic-type start taps in hot and then the smooth vocals catch you off guard for a few seconds as you close your eyes and imagine being in a packed sweaty music bar, listening to this quality up close and personal.

The bass-lines are so heavy here you might need a new speaker after blasting this loud to annoy the pesky neighbors, who kept you up late last night with their rubbish music. You can feel the love and care that was put into this new single. This is about that love that was so strong but things turned sour like off milk and you feel a sense of regret about what happened but relief at the same time.

The Mains‘ from the New York and Southern Californian fused duo Nightbird Casino¬†is a song that leaves you gazing outside the window and its easy to get lost in the song. This is a welcome distraction from the morbid news and seeing grumpy and sad people all over the place. The time spent locked inside has worked and this is a quality single to add to playlists and is best played really loud.

Stream this top act on their Spotify and see what comes next via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen