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Home studio goodness: Australia’s Eastrn Social transports us into a different world on the indie-electronica sizzler ‘Sound So Clear’

This is the splendid solo project of producer/songwriter Liam Gray called Eastrn Social and the earthy electronic waves drift in like a sneaky side-wash on ‘Sound So Clear‘. The bursting beat is such an intrigue and teases us to dip our toes into the seas of the unknown.

You close your eyes tightly to visualize the dreamy alt-pop transparent sounds that are a blessing to our eyes and his gasping voice floats inside your soul so beautifully. The relaxed electronica has you in a temporary gaze that is such a pleasurable experience in current times as the ambiance blesses the anxious speakers inside us.

The Newcastle, New South Wales native draws you in like a fine pencil with a music artwork that keeps your body moving in rhythm. This is a song all about meeting in the middle to get the full picture is portrayed here, as sometimes we can drift apart so quickly and get lost on the dark ocean of life. What was so easy before can sometimes become so hard and complicated. To truly work together in life or love, each relationship needs work and compassion for the flow to stream just right.

Australian home studio producer and singer-songwriter Eastrn Social has a fantastic formula that races in like a Daniel Ricciardo fastest lap. This is a musician that is different from the rest of the musicians out there and the intricately created authentic sounds transfix you into wanting more. ‘Sound So Clear’ is exactly what is on the label and this pure energy is like a crisp summer’s day in the ocean seas.

Stream this brand new release on Spotify and see more on Twitter and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen