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Dreamy Sci-Fi Electronic Experiments with ”Life” from Dreamsonic

Taken off their latest 9 track album ”Reverie”, Dreamsonic are here with warped Science fiction electronic track ”Life”. This is an experience that takes you into a different galaxy, full of mystery and intrigue. I feel like I’m in an episode of Rick & Morty while listening to this.

Denton, Texas is the home of Dreamsonic, a 1 piece act that is fairly new in the music game but taking steps forward to become more and more well known. Surely a candidate to be included in a movie, ”Life” takes you on a rather strange journey that makes you feel a bit uncertain at times and very unsure about yourself. I feel a bit paranoid while listening to this song I must admit. Perhaps that was the point of the whole track, life is a very up and down trip.

With constant music coming out which is probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dreamsonic will definitely have their fans who urge to soak up as much of this style during the nights, the music fits the late night club scene. ”Life” is a good song, very different from what I have heard before and for that, this kind of creativity must be celebrated.

Stream this new song here on SoundCloud.