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North London rapper BAYLEY skillfully unlocks all the doors on ‘DreamEasy’ (feat. Cassie Green)

With a candid harmonious aura that urges her to go for those dreams and not make the same mistakes he did, BAYLEY leads us into a world that is filled with hope on ‘DreamEasy(feat. Cassie Green).

BAYLEY is a North London, UK-based indie Hip hop artist, singer-songwriter and music producer who blends in his love for various genres to assemble something rather ear-tingling for us to enjoy.

Heavily influenced by Mac Miller, Drake, Dominic Fike and Aries, BAYLEY’s emotionally powerful lyrics and instrumentals, alongside his mellow and soulful voice create a diverse and cinematic soundscape.” ~ BAYLEY

After gaining the respect of the loyal underground music fans with his previous projects, BAYLEY returns with a crisp delivery on a tremendous track that has you grooving your whole body to the class on offer for our awaiting souls.

DreamEasy(feat. Cassie Green) from North London, UK-based indie rapper, singer-songwriter and music producer BAYLEY, is the story about hoping that this special individual may reach all of their dreams without being overly selfish, but certainly motivated for success. He raps with a barrage of smoothly-projected vigour that is such a fantastic listen, with a sensually-excellent feature from a superb vocalist who oozes an effortless class. This is such a thoughtful release that sends your mind into a reflective spin, with a likeable beat that seems to light up the mood to make sure that you don’t waste any talents that you have been born with.

Check out the YouTube audio and see his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen