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Tripp 97’ – Bipolar Luv: Infectious Hip Hop

Tripp 97’s latest single, released just ten days ago from his debut album Love Sick, is an infectious, upbeat masterpiece in Hip Hop & Rap.

Tripp 97’ AKA Pretty Flacko Georgi is an underground artist creates a pounding atmospheric sound that’s fuelled with pseudo-macho rage. His single Bipolar Luv flows with flawless style, which no doubt has something to do with the expert production by Hip Hop legend Taylor King.

Tripp 97’ has undoubtable lyrical style, he dominates the tracks on his album with this pounding flow of poetic lyrics that he injects with a playful ‘haters gonna hate’ attitude. His musical styling is somewhat similar to the Hip Hop icons Dr Dre, Akon & Busta Rhymes. If you’re looking for a hard hitting track you can’t really go wrong with any of the tracks on Love Sick, they’re full of momentum thanks to their aggressive fast pace. It’s obvious that there’s an infinite amount of passion behind the entire production. At such a young age, Tripp has mastered his rap sound, making him a force that’s not to be reckoned with on the Hip Hop scene.

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All Hail To The King

Any artist who describes themselves as the result of  Blink 182 having a lovechild with Eminem and Lady Gaga’s backup dancers has got to be worth checking out and when you do you will realise that as descriptions go, it isn’t too bad.  Part quirky pop, part alternative hip-hop and part goofing around, King Dylan’s rap-rock hybrid does nothing less than celebrates life and just oozes positive vibes. It flies in the face of criticism, ignores the detractors, faces down jealousy and reminds us that the only way to live your own life is for yourself.

It takes an Eminem beat and a bounce but stacks it with whimsical, Day-Glo pop, it is celebratory and pulsing with positivity. Already big on the Calgary scene, King Dylan is the sound of life affirming pop, it is both serious and celebratory and even on the strength of this one song, though checking out his back catalogue is highly recommended, he has a great career ahead of him.

A&R Factory Present: Paul Rey

Paul Rey is a 23 year-old Swedish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who knew he wanted to be a performer at the age of 11, when his father took him to Sweden’s largest music festival in Malmö. Ever since, Paul was inspired to write in English from listening to 2Pac, Dr. Dre and Eminem and began collecting his stories and telling them through rap, establishing himself as a seasoned rap battler in the process. He has opened for Big Sean and Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan) and released his debut album in 2012, which led to nominations for Best Solo Artist of the Year and Best Newcomer of the Year at Sweden’s Kingsize Gala, which celebrates hip-hop, soul and R&B music.

A year later, Paul began to move away from his rap roots and explore singing for the first time as he evolved his sound as an artist. Now fully committed to singing, Paul is excited for people to hear his latest creation California Dreamin.