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Dreamy Psych Pop 8udDha bl0od hit all the right notes with ‘’Downtune’’

Popular Brighton act, the ever-entertaining and interestingly spelt ‘8udDha bl0od’, return with a more laid-back and equally effective track called ‘’Downtune’’. 

A real up & coming band with an incredible live set, if they get their branding and marketing on point, we could see them rise to the very top of the music game in the UK and beyond. Over the last few years they’ve supported the likes of Night Beats, Mystic Braves, Cosmonauts, Holy Wave, Froth, The Get Rids and more top bands.

‘Downtune’’ is all about reflection and right now I imagine the boys are forming brand new music and itching at the bit to perform live. It will be a great day when we can witness ‘8udDha bl0od’s’ improved psychedelic fuzz and dreamy melody live set as this is an exciting band with lots to offer the listener. I am excited to hear more from them during the rest of 2020 and have already put a note in the calendar to see them live, no matter where in the UK the gig is.

Stream their new song here on SoundCloud so you can immerse yourself in their uniquely brilliant music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen