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Intuitively spiritual rhythm meets sensual folk in DORA GOLA’s latest single, Dance with Danger

If any track is going to tempt the weary and wary out of their comfort zones after sanity diminishing lockdowns, it is the artfully fierce electronic folk-pop earworm, Dance with Danger, from the spiritually magnetic singer-songwriter, DORA GOLA.

With the intuitiveness of the rhythm, you scarcely need her bio to tell you that she’s a dancer. Her connection to music is enviably strong, but at least she’s had the grace to share her natural gift with the world through emboldening hits that tease your rhythmic pulses as much as they stir the soul.

Following the release of Dance with Danger, the Poland-born, West Ireland-based artist will continue to make her discography a rediscovery of ancestral roots, mystery and sensuality. We can’t wait to hear what follows. She shines luminously bright in a sea of ego-driven artists.

Dance with Danger will hit the airwaves on June 17th. Stream it here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cinematic Irish dance-folk artist Dora Gola drops captivating 3rd single ‘Jestem’

With her full album ‘Dance with Danger‘ that is due for release in September 2022 almost ready for us to swim lovingly into, Dora Gola is quite sublime on her latest single that shall set you free on ‘Jestem‘.

Dora Gola is an incomparable Poland-born, Lahinch, Western Ireland-based dancer and electro-pop/folk singer-songwriter who makes that sensually stimulating and classy soundscape that will send you into a much better natural world.

Jestem, meaning ‘I am’ in Polish, demonstrates the dark moon aspect of Dora Gola’s musicality.” ~ Dora Gola

After transmitting us into a beautiful forest to heal again on ‘Flying Tree‘, the supremely authentic Dora Gola is quite mesmerizing on her latest release that will have you floating freely away from any negative noise. Her graceful charm is rather special yet again, as she shows us that natural energy created with only honest intentions, is the most attractive thing you can ever experience.

Jestem‘ from Poland-born, Lahinch, Western Ireland-based dancer and electro-pop/folk artist Dora Gola, is one of the most outstanding singles of 2022 so far. There is so much to lather calmly into here, as we are taken into a delightful trance that sends us into a galaxy that was previously incomprehensible. She is like a kind angel that has been sent from another world, to lead us into a space that is safe and filled with only that sweet and innocent love.

This is a stupendous track that will have you pausing whatever you were doing before, to close your stressed eyes so that you may feel reinvigorated again.

Hear this enchanting new single on Spotify and see her vision on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Follow My Lead: DORA GOLA takes us into the beautiful forest with ‘Flying Tree’

After impressing us all with her amazing ‘Dark Sand‘, DORA GOLA is quite excellent on a new song that will have you singing from the top of your lungs and looking for that much-desired peace inside nature again on ‘Flying Tree‘.

DORA GOLA is a Poland-born, Lahinch, West Ireland-based indie dark electro-pop/folk solo artist, dancer, vocal and performance coach, and courageous Vitiligo survivor.

Her music looks to rekindle the connection that has been lost between humanity and mother nature, forcing us all to rediscover the simple beauty of the earth and bridge the gap that has grown in these modern times. Through a spiritual language that holds no barriers, her music is a rediscovery of ancestral roots, mystery, and sensuality.” ~ DORA GOLA

With her naked bare feet guiding us into a safe space to truly be free again, DORA GOLA sends us a spark filled light to uncover our true consciousness again with a breathtaking display here. She sings with such pure enjoyment and you feel like her angelic ambience is so delightfully real, far away from the darkly-lit world that can bring you down so easily if you let it emerge victoriously.

Flying Tree‘ from the fearless dance-infused Lahinch-based solo artist DORA GOLA, is an absolute anthem that is all about keeping the love strong and never forgetting that hope is just around the corner if you look deep enough. With stunning vocals, a catchy beat that illuminates only good energy to blow away the doom and gloom, this is the kind of track to play when you are feeling a bit down and need some of that much-needed inspiration again.

Listen to this soul-healing single on Spotify and see more of her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bravely Climbing Out: DORA GOLA desires so much more on her rousing new single ‘Dark Sand’

With a mesmerizing presence that has you eagerly awaiting her each stirringly sung word, DORA GOLA sings with such dynamism about how she wants so much more for her heart to flourish on ‘Dark Sand‘.

DORA GOLA is a sensational Poland-born, Ireland-based singer-songwriter, nature lover, professional dancer and vocal coach, with a heartfelt desire to reach her goals, no matter what obstacles are blocking her way.

She sings with a wild spirit that is so exciting and has you gazing into your soul as she keeps you alluringly captivated, her vocals catch your minds attention as you feel her pain and longing for something more, that is far away from the cold darkness.

This is the story about how you can feel like you are deep underground sometimes – as the warm embrace isn’t quite there yet – no matter how much you want it.

Dark Sand‘ from the wonderfully multi-talented Lahinch, Ireland-based singer-songwriter/dancer/vocal teacher DORA GOLA, is a spirited single that full of life from a vibrantly enthusiastic woman who gives her all each day.

Stream this new single on her Spotify and visit her IG for more inspiration from this incredible creative.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen