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Renold ft Donavan has released latest track Ya Boi Can’t Dance: Two Rappers collide for this infectious Hip-Hop single

Renold releases ‘Ya Boi Can’t Dance’ with Donavan Burt, the two rappers create this insanely catchy Hip-Hop piece.

This one indulges in the essence of creating something that will be stuck in the listeners head, giving it that melody that hooks you in, having that lively beat, that gives off this uplifting feeling. The beat is hard, it stands out and pulses through the Rap. The way it flows and everything pulls together is what makes this piece such a hit.

Creating lyrics that have this strong meaning, telling a story through the gentle Rap, adding in the feelings behind the words. Two diverse vocal ranges come into play here, ones very mellowed out, keeping it at that slow pace and tending to drag the words out. The other has more energy coming through, it’s rough and tends to pick up the pace in some spots.

If Hip-Hop is your thing and you like a super catchy Rap then be sure to check this one out.

Listen to Ya Boi Can’t Dance with Renold and Donavan Burt by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall