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Don Favelli rivals Al Pacino in his cinematic new wave rap track, Mobstas Interlude

Don Favelli

Taken from his dynamic hip hop album, COSMIC, which enmeshes old school with the new wave, Don Favelli’s standout hit, Mobstas Interlude, lets the vibe lead the track as much as the 808s that rattle in the minimalist production under Favelli’s dominant rap bars.

With cinematic melodies running against the bars that make it impossible to guess who inspired Favelli to step to the mic in the first place, getting immersed in the atmosphere of Mobstas Interlude is non-optional.

Since making his debut, the San Diego-hailing up-and-coming artist has allowed his lyrical storytelling and cutting introspective to define him. Sonically, he’s all over the urban spectrum. Paying little attention to squeezing his expression into pigeon holes, ultimately aiding an expansive feel to every track.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

She Never Believe: Splendid San Diego rapper Don Favelli wonders if his girl will end up staying on ‘Everybody’

With the lead track to his latest ‘Relationships Are Hard‘ album, Don Favelli brings us the high quality visuals for a speaker-slaming track all about the relatable problems that so many of us face in a committed relationship with ‘Everybody‘.

Don Favelli is a mightily skilled San Diego-based indie hip-hop artist who was raised nearby in Southern California.

Don has lived in Atlanta, Oakland and San Diego over the past few years, as he grows his fast-growing empire which seems to be rapidly expanding beyond his wildest dreams. We find a highly confident performer here, as his raps are vividly described, with a truely likable style which has you thinking that he is only on the up.

The Everybody video and lyrics represent relationship interactions that are universally recognized,” says songwriter and artist Don Favelli. “The young woman is overly-jealous, causing the man to watch his words so as not to trigger her. At the same time, the woman is justified in fearing betrayal because the man is not mature enough to commit to the relationship despite all that it offers him.” ~ Don Favelli

Everybody‘ from the San Diego rapper and songwriter Don Favelli, is a tremendously relevant new track all about trying to keep things alive in a relationship that could be going off the rails real quick. Performed with a smoothly tipped flow, eloquent lyrics and featuring a body shaking beat, this is one the more impressive hip-hop tracks so far in 2021.

Check out this top notch music video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen