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Doe Dillinger offers resilience in their adrenalizing indie trap track ‘Falling Down’

Breaking hip hop artist, Doe Dillinger, is riding their own wave in their trappy indie rap track ‘Falling Down’. If it’s been a while since you’ve been blown away by a phenomenal up and coming artist, hit play.

Their sound carries plenty of appeal for fans of Post Malone and Yelawolf yet, Dillinger was even more experimental with their instrumentals by allowing them to carry the same cutting air as the guitars in Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights album along with other post-rock nuances.

It’s tracks like Falling Down that make genres seem utterly irrelevant in 2021. With Dillinger’s tendency to create without constraint, there’s no telling what kind of adrenalizing alchemy you’ll be falling into with their tracks. Falling Down is the perfect ‘high-vibe’ hit for anyone who knows how hard it can be to pick themselves up and find the faith and resilience to carry on, all while unfolding as a dominantly electric hit.

Check out the official music video that launched on March 6th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dedicated to Grandpa Bob: Inspiring Indiana emcee Doe Dillinger sends fitting tribute on the powerful ‘Things Ain’t The Same’

With his family tight and in inconsolable mourning, Doe Dillinger raps with that emotionally-charge motivated edge on his top shelf new single called ‘Things Ain’t The Same‘.

Doe Dillinger is a quality alt trip-hop artist with those wise eyes, who has seen it all after 12 music projects, as he makes that rare soul-clenching and pure music with a true message.

This is the sad story about losing someone close and rising above to make sure you live your life and reach your dreams, how they would want you to. Life is up and down, with constant obstacles and dead ends, so by standing your ground, never faltering from what you stand for, you unlock your greatness by grabbing the ultimate key to staying true to oneself.

His effortless rap style grabs you soulfully by the heart and shows you into a man’s ever-evolving mind that has really lived, as he courageously tells us stories of how life is and was, always looking to elevate and inspire others to reach their dreams too.

Things Ain’t The Same‘ from tremendous Indianapolis, Indiana USA trip-hop emcee Doe Dillinger, is that real track that was made out of so much love for his loving Grandpa Bob who sadly passed away recently. The raw raps and excellent visuals give you an inside look into how down you feel after a loss like this, but have the strength to give out a track in his memory, that would make him so proud.

Things will never be the same but you can always remember those special moments that you had together, keeping them locked away in your soul to remember forever.

See this top notch track on YouTube and mesh your socials together on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Half Dead’ by Doe DilliNGER: Pats On The Back B! This is good!

‘Half Dead’, the new release from Indianapolis native, Doe DilliNGER is everything! He is true to his roots and raw about his life and work. John Dillinger, born on June 22, 1903, in Indianapolis, seems to be DilliNGERs inspiration and namesake but the similarities end there. This old school gangster started off life with a string of  petty theft, grocery store robberies, and was eventually caught and jailed. He escaped, and he and his gang headed to Chicago, Illinois, to put together one of the most organised bank robbing groups in the country. With this man as his inspiration you can only imagine the explicit subject matter and morally blurred path back to redemption.

His lyrics are hard hitting and dope – metaphorically and literally. He bobs and weaves comfortably and articulately around a taboo subject. He’s unapologetic and stark in his story, shedding light on the world around him in a blissfully poetic way. This is no lazy writer. The time signature is well thought out and allows space for him to ride the track and form a free flowing syncopation that is moving.

Listen to ‘Half Dead’ for some classic Hip-Hop realness and let us know what you think.

Review By Susan Harriott