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Isaac Marquez drops delightfully honest debut RnB single ‘Disassociate’

With a stunning vocal ability that will have you gliding innocently in the sky above as you look for a happier place to find your zone again, Isaac Marquez shows us into his thoughtful intellect that is in a state of upheaval with ‘Disassociate‘.

Isaac Marquez is an indie RnB/soul solo singer-songwriter who has the kind of voice that has the ability to put you in a trance you will never forget.

Sending us a real insight that lifts the lit on a subject that is open swept under the rug and left to get lonely, Isaac Marquez might have one of the most complete vocal ranges you will hear all year. He sings from the bottom of his heart and has your attention quickly, as you feel that you have just witnessed someone rather special make their mark on your life so naturally.

Disassociate‘ from indie RnB/soul solo singer-songwriter Isaac Marquez, is one of the most reflective creations that might have you shedding a small tear. He sings with an honest delivery that draws the picture so calmly into your mind, as you sit back and ponder that feeling which is inside your stomach that you just can’t seem to explain easily. This is a track that might have you looking outside your mind, and wondering where your peace of mind is going to come from if you keep yourself caged inside all alone for too long.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spacey & sonically pleasing house with BrickWindow’s new single ‘’Disassociate’’

This is a perfect song to wake up to. The start of ‘’Disassociate’’ seems perfect for a morning stretch, doing yoga and re-calibrating the mind from all that over-thinking. ‘BrickWindow’ is here to mesh that good energy and put us in the right gear for the day.

Not a lot is known about the creator of this one- Stephen Ziegler (Taste of Something)- but I do enjoy the beginning of this song. It does become a bit monotonous towards the end but 80% of the release is up there with the best. 

Play the start again and again if you are battling with lack of inspiration. Hopefully we will get more songs soon and find out more about this mysterious artist.

Follow the artist and wait for this to drop on Spotify shortly.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen