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‘’Lovin’’ from newcomer ‘Dino Young’: A tale of trying to find trust again

She just lovin’ / I just want to hug you / Sorry that I lied to you/

Sometimes we love someone so much but it just doesn’t always work out. Trust is the main core of any relationship and once that is broken, it is very tough to get it back again. Sometimes impossible but other times, very possible indeed. 

Newcomer ‘Dino Young’ sings his heart out on ‘’Lovin’’, clearly trying to win his girl back. He has a really good voice and the beat suits this track and his style all the way. This new artist’s growth is going to the next step, can he stay in the zone and consistently put out great music like this. 

Judging by his Spotify stats, ‘’Lovin’’ is doing very well indeed with lots of support coming from Phoenix in the US. This is a promising R&B Rapper/Singer with a big future. Let’s hope that he gets his girl back or moves on. We all need love right now and lots of hugs from those we truly care about.

If you just want lovin’ music- stream Dino right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen