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The waters of surf rock darkened under the psychedelic experimentalism of DETHHAUS in their latest single, And You

Take a psychedelic trip with the single, And You, from DETHHAUS’ double A-side, deathaus 2. Every time you think you’ve got their sound pinned down, there’s another aural curveball to broadside you and deliver you from the sonic monotony of easily pigeon-holed music.

if you can imagine what it would sound like if you slipped a tab of acid under the tongue of surf rock, implanted a few polyphonic grooves under the waves and threw in the crux of Zappa’s eccentricity, you’ll get an idea of what alchemically awaits when you hit play on this murky mesmeric feat of experimentalism.

After starting as a bass-centred surf rock duo, consisting of Johnny Void (X-Ray Youth) and Justin Welsh (Elastica), DETHHAUS indoctrinated Raiko Mud and his keys to start a new venture that would take the outfit across borders as they recorded this new single between Central Florida and England.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

That Booming Feeling: Dethhaus fire in hot with high-energy new instrumental effort ‘Track Three’

Dropped from dizzy heights through Rakka Rakka Records, Dethhaus stomp on the mic and let it rip handsomely with their latest single simply called ‘Track Three‘.

Dethhaus is daringly eye-piercing instrumental band consisting of Johnny Void from X-Ray Youth (guitar, bass, and keyboard), and Justin Welch from Elastica (drums). This impressive work of art was produced and mostly recorded in Room 101 in Central Florida, as well as also being recorded in windy England, UK.

This is a fast-paced and thundering storm of a splashing single that has your awakened eyes wide and your awaiting body shaking in anticipation for more to come. The distorted cacophonous melody has you feeling fully awake and without needing that coffee boost, as the electrifying energy is one that you can’t easily forget.

Track Three‘ from the deafeningly exciting Florida/England instrumental duo Dethhaus, rampages excitedly into your scared ears like a buzz saw on your fragile hair – as the ferociously intoxicating sounds somehow has you so thrilled – and a bit anxious at the same time. This is the perfect kind of video game music or from a dramatic scene from a movie. They are both seriously talented artists and provide us with a lovely mixture of crashing sound waves, to get you uplifted for the days events.

Stream this fantastic new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen