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I Won’t Stop Till I’m Finished: The roaring Lion Pharaoh soaks the sleepy fish on his guzzling mission with ‘Country Women’

As he grabs the red label and has his smart lookin’ cowboy hat on ready for action, Lion Pharaoh discovers a new world that he rather enjoys fraternizing with on the woods-exploring new single ‘Country Women‘.

Lion Pharaoh is a youthfully ebullient Chicago, Illinois-based rapper. You feel his determined denouement in all aspects of his street-taught master plan which is highlighted by his vivid imagination that is unteachable, just growing fantastically inside his sharply tuned mind.

This is a buoyant exploration from an ever-aware artist who knows that he needs to see nature again, to fully immerse himself into the locals, and see what else is out there for him to experience. He raps so confidently, without a care in the world and pours one out for those who couldn’t be there for the ride of his life.

Country Women‘ from the freshly minted South side Chicago rapper Lion Pharaoh, is a fun story that has him enjoying himself whilst the world recovers from all the scar-filled trauma. He sips quickly and shows us what new adventures can be had when you venture away from the serious city, that can destroy your soul if you let it. Sometimes, all it takes to refresh the mind is a mission out to meet new people, so you can have a bit of a relaxed holiday from it all, to meet new lovers and friends who totally get your vibe.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fading My Creations: Determined LA feminist band Agender things to another level with ‘Astro Tarot’

Returning to our anxious minds with their 2nd shuddering single off their upcoming ‘No Nostalgia‘ album that is set for fall 2021 release, Agender strongly barrage our battered souls with a twitchy new single that will have you looking around quickly called ‘Astro Tarot‘.

Agender is a uniquely ferocious Los Angeles, California-based four-piece indie post-punk/synth band. They make that earth-shattering music that easily breaks the fragile windows down — on small-minded people who just don’t get it — and is packed full of biting symbolism, that causes your blood-filled heart to suddenly beat much faster than before.

The song is an ode to Tarot and Astrology and the role they play in diffusing the anxiety of the unknown, and in navigating an ever disorienting world. It’s a reminder that ultimately intuition and free will prevail, as does the punk spirit.” – Agender

The gritty vocals slice a claw into your mind — as you sit back and imagine how electrifying they are live with such a buzz about them — with a vibe that sends your mind into a spin, as you remember that this is what real music is all about. The grind to get to where you need to be, no what what or who is standing selfishly in your way, is the only path to where you need to be at.

Astro Tarot’ from the new-age LA post-punk act Agender, confidently leads us into a new world that is hard to fathom, as the twists and turns can possibly knot you up quick like playing twister after a few glasses of wine.

Their music is angry, edgy and full of fight — as these are hungry women that are on the prowl and will take their prey — no matter what, as they growl with mighty delight as their street-smarts wins the day again.

Check out the Spotify link and see more of their journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen