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Those Scary Days: Dublin artist Guilherme shows us inside his mind on ‘Demon’ (Part II: Panic)

Taken off his solo five-track EP effort called ‘Demon‘, in which he explores various mental health topics that he has battled with in the past, Guilherme is at his honest best on ‘Demon’ (Part II: Panic).

Guilherme is a Brazilian-born indie singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist of the rock band Mary Bleeds, who is now based in peaceful Ireland. He makes a sterling blend of striking stories which has you thinking much deeper than before, about various issues that can take you down an undesirable road at times.

Demon” is a collection of pieces for voice and piano about Guilherme’s experiences with depression, paranoia, PTSD and traits of bipolar disorder. A meditation on the thoughts and feelings of someone who‘s going through a period of hopelessness and confusion.” ~ Guilherme

With a soul stirring voice that has you totally wrapped into the experience, you feel like this is a man giving his heart and soul to us on each second. Growing up has been tough to say the least and this is his therapy, his voice shows you this dark tunnels of doubt, as the lyrics tell you what its been like all those years.

Being able to perform his music has certainly helped, as he pieces everything together – so that he may make his life puzzle to work out where he needs to go – in order to find that true contentment treasure.

Initially insecure about his abilities, Guilherme kept his music to himself until his early 20’s when he found the courage to share it with other musicians. Although all his early work was in his native Portuguese, as a writer he loved the cadence and phonetical textures of English. He moved to Ireland to immerse himself in the language and never looked back.” ~ Guilherme

Demon(Part II: Panic) from the Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter Guilherme, is a haunting single with visuals that may shock many. He has bravely let us into his mind to show you the scars and torture he has felt whilst growing up. Luckily through his art, he is able to express himself and not feel judged so that he may set himself free, to be happy and feel peace inside his burning heart.

Helping others deal with their own issues is his goal, and this has been achieved on a grand scale that must be applauded for its ultimate courageousness.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Like When You’re Suspicious: Riley Rex is sensationally seductive on doll-filled debut single ‘Demon’

Taken off her upcoming project tentatively titled ‘Nightmare Lullabies’, newcomer Riley Rex impresses highly on the blood-soaked debut track all about how a powerfully possessed woman can take hold of men so easily through her heart-piercing eyes on ‘Demon‘.

Riley Rex is an emerging indie dance-pop singer-songwriter, artist, and future fashion icon born in San Diego, who is currently living in the music mecca of Los Angeles in California. She makes that striking music which is all about mental health, empowerment, sexuality and love in this rather odd world.

Fans of Dua Lipa, Ava Max, and Billie Eilish will enjoy her distinctive combination of stellar dance-hall melodies, honest and emotive lyricism, and electrifying visuals.” ~ Riley Rex

Her world class vocal ability is such a pleasure to witness and is superbly backed up by a busty beat which is all the temptation you need. She somehow has the rare gift of making you automatically turn up the volume and starting the video over again and again, so you can truly hear and properly see, each moment perfectly.

Demon‘ from the wildly talented Los Angeles, California dance-pop solo musician Riley Rex, shows us a knife-sized amount of a fantastic new artist who skillfully leaves your fragile heart beating rather quickly. This is a fantastic music video which is full of bloody baths, creepy dolls, stunning vocals, and unsuspecting men, who should probably stop reading the newspaper. She is a tremendous talent who clearly has the hunger to innovate beyond what was thought possible before – and be totally herself – no matter what.

This is one of the catchiest songs you will hear all year, and will give you a jolt in your curious consciousness, when you least expect it.

Check out this top new artist on YouTube and follow her exciting stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What’s Fake Or Real: Formidable Essex emcee Untold Poet shows us the two sides of the coin on ‘Harvey Dent’

Whilst confidently flushing away the trashy fake noise and opening the willing sink to unleash more realness on the awaiting world, Untold Poet flips the switch just right with his explosive new single about finding that truth to set you free again on ‘Harvey Dent‘.

Untold Poet is a superb Essex, UK-based rapper and singer-songwriter, who was formerly the lead of New Subjects. Now fully on the solo trail as he finds his way, he stomps in to shake our attention with a thoughtful edge.

He raps with such an impressive fluidity as he attempts to chase away that demon who is attempting to block his view. Untold Poet flows with such supreme skills and drops the bars with impressive power and consistency.

This is story about learning who to trust in this sneaky world, that can kick you down like a rugged Sunday league defender at any second. You look for the truth as you feel that things are in a bit of a blur within your eyesight — as you seek that real authenticity and might be lost for now. You know in your scout compass where to go and are just looking for the elusive keys who are playing hide-and-go-seek, so you may unlock the right door to freedom forever.

Harvey Dent‘ from the high caliber UK emcee Untold Poet, brings us an anxious soul who is feeling the walls closing in, as he looks in between to see which way he wants to go. The world can be a mix of truths and lies, so which road you turn to can define you so quickly — if you unwisely choose the wrong path — that is filled with treacherous undesirables.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen