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Multi-instrumentalist and producer Allegro drops Know You Better featuring Kelsey Gill

Up and coming West London multi-instrumentalist and producer Allegro drops a new track Know You Better featuring Kelsey Gill on vocals.

His music career starting with piano and progressing into DJing, Allegro cut his teeth by playing sets in notorious clubs all around Los Angeles, until he wrapped up all of his learnings and started producing mainstream pop music. With the collaboration of other artists and producers, he’s been able to build a valuable portfolio.

Know You Better is proof that he’s onto something big. The production undoubtedly equals what mainstream music is offering, and the same goes for the structure of this song – its catchiness rivals pure Top10 Pop charts. Kelsey Gills does quite a good job here, having the most suitable of vocals for mainstream hits, emulating some of Demi Lovato’s latest performances, but with nothing to envy.

Allegro is slowly becoming a major-league producer and Know You Better is only the tip of the iceberg.

You can check out Know You Better for yourself on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.

A&R Factory Present: Jade Naraine

Jade Naraine is 21 year old Pop artist from Toronto, ON. After her single; Cause I Can’t Take Missing You secured a spot in the 2015 top 100 on media base in the USA, she released a pop/country single called; You Decided to Stay. Country music stations began comparing her to old Taylor Swift. Jade is now back in the Pop genre to stay, with her latest radio single; “Princess.”

Princess is a song based on a true story, about a young girl who’s life spirals out of control to a point where she can hardly breathe. Within herself, she finds the strength to fight the pain, as she holds onto the same dream she had as a little girl, and tries one more time. The song was written to inspire and encourage anyone who is facing any obstacle, whether it be; bullying, physical, mental or emotional abuse, emotional trauma, mental illness/depression, PTSD, girls feeling taken advantage of, especially in today’s unhealthy world, where it’s heartbreaking to hear all of the stories… where the media teaches women and men, that women are to be put low, hurt, pain… anything and everything, to never give up, stay strong and get back up because things will get better once you become wiser and realize that all that matters in life are the good things.

Jade says “I think it’s an easy song for everyone to relate to in some way. I really hope it will reach a lot of people’s ears and remind them to stay strong and keep shining, and to protect and stay true to yourself. I also want to inspire kindness, warmth and compassion towards others. It’s really what I stand for. I wish to tell my fans, I’ve been there too and that things will get better, that I am sure of!”