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G14 wants that warm embrace again after taking time to change his tone on ‘Blatant Love’

Reflecting on his current mentality that has grown as he realized what he really wants, G14 shows his lover that he is back and ready to make a true commitment and has learnt from the previous lessons that threatened to derail their romance on ‘Blatant Love‘.

G14 is an underground UK-based indie Hip hop artist who is known for his rapid-fire delivery and raps with a real intensity that heats up the airwaves.

Sending us into a world that has grown darker by the day as the storm clouds gathered, G14 knocks on the door to reclaim his place where he feels like he certainly belongs. With a sparkle in his eye and extra passion flowing from his veins, he shows us a way through when others would have given up long ago.

Blatant Love‘ from UK-based indie Hip hop artist G14, is an impassioned release that shows you that it is possible to evolve your mind if you really want to be with someone. As so much noise builds up and sometimes communication can be confused in an instant, this is a reminder that if you show your lover your real intentions, everything can actually work. Rapped with an intensity that explodes into your awestruck eardrums, this is a throwback track filled with that genuine energy to truly learn from.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen