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Joyeur – How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything


LA-based electro-pop duo, Joyeur helped their fans get their body beats in their intricately melodic and mindfully quintessential 10-track album, How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything.

With the opening single, Underbelly, which melds Big Black Delta electronic textures with Lady Gaga-level pop supreme style, you are instantly caught off-guard by Joyeur’s ability to shine through the pain lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally. The convergences of genres switch between amalgamations of hip hop, RnB, pop and electro from there on out; the only constant, the artists inclination to vocally shine light on dimmed perspectives.

As someone who knows exactly how it feels to spin a self-destructive narrative and watch the carnage amass around my own spited belligerence, How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything was so much more than just a feat of sonic serendipity.

There has never been such a succinct pop exposition on the necessity of self-awareness and accountability. Joyeur notably has what it takes to draw listeners into a world where they too see the beauty in life’s flaws through music.

The layers of synthetic elements don’t attempt anything all too grandiose between the tracks on the debut LP, leaving plenty of the sonic focus on the sanctity that streams from vocalist Joelle, who found the perfect match with her collaborator and producer, Anna Feller.

Here is what Joyeur had to say on their LP

“The album explores human themes of hopefulness, perseverance, self-acceptance and self-sabotage—experiences that have guided my writing from the beginning

I feel like I’ve torn the veil off my pain, fear, and insecurities to reveal a power that can be used for good. Empowering and accepting myself in this way feels like a gateway to letting love in and stopping undermining my own wants and needs. I can be my own worst enemy.”

The album is now available to stream on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Joe Hellmore brings the funk in his self-titled debut alt-rock LP

If it has been a while since you discovered your last guitar hero, delve into the singer-songwriter Joe Hellmore’s self-titled debut album, which delivers everything from hard rock to funk to alt-rock to blues-rock in practically virtuosic fashion.

The eclectic release may not be short on dynamism but one thing that you can always count on is Joe Hellmore’s edgy and technical solos that take up plenty of space while never hindering the fact that his debut LP is a deeply experimental one. Another constant through the eight playfully orchestrated tracks that are never short of visceral energy is the lack of the lyrical cliches that many artists depend on as the bedrock to their sound.

Joe Hellmore’s debut album is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Hip Hop icon in the making, Na8 has delivered his cinematically colossal debut LP, Past Present Future

The Nigeria-born, Nashville-based hip hop icon in the making, Na8, is fresh from the release of his debut album, Past Present Future, which recounts experience and introspection from the past, meditates on the present and rewrites the rules for the future.

The LP starts with the colossal hip hop anthem, Pisces, which drip feeds all of the glamour of Jay Z and all of the dark and chaotic flare of Saul Williams before Na8 moves with an old school style of noir soul in the following track, All In, which features some of the best earworm hooks on the LP. Track 3, Exotic Love, feeds the Lauryn Hill vibes, but Na8 made the soundscape his own with his massive production style that is quickly becoming his signature.

Track 5, Cash, stands as a testament to Na8’s experimental instrumental style; from harsh-rock guitar licks to orchestral strings to hard-hitting electronica, you will find all that and more in the hard-hitting hustler hip hop track. In track 11, Bond City, Na8 proves how well his panoramically cinematic production style melds with the definitively-luxe Bond film OSTs. It’s not every day we hear radio-ready hip hop. The fact that Na8 delivered it in his debut LP speaks volumes of his talent. Get him on your radar.

Here’s what Na8 had to say about his debut LP:

“My debut looks back on my life in Africa and Europe before I arrived in the USA. I wanted to express my past, present, and what my future could be in music.

The main message is that your past or present doesn’t define you. If you know what you want in life, you can focus and achieve those goals. Stay true to yourself.”

Past Present Future is now available to stream on Spotify.

Connect with Na8 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast