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DEA Releases Hypnotic Track “You”

DEA is a young singer songwriter with a very particular sound. With inspirations of R&B and Neo Soul in combination with descriptive thought-out lyrics and some hints of electronic sounds in the arrangement, “You” is a new track which can be potentially hypnotic to whoever listens to it. With natural sporadic guitar phrases that contour the structure, as well as a contrasting deep underlying pulse, this song features a delicate balance of high and low sonorities. It is also interesting to note how subtle the use of the trap style rhythm is. Used carefully to accentuate specific sections and sounding almost in the background, this gives the song indeed a hauntingly hypnotic quality.

Apart from an interesting instrumental arrangement this song definitely has more to offer. DEA’s vocal shines bright above the instrumentation and delivers vocal tone variations and fluctuations throughout the song, showcasing her R&B influences particularly in the chorus. With luscious harmonies and shapely melodies that glide between a variety of pitches and colours, this new voice has a lot to offer and the song “You” is definitely proving all this to be true.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja