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Showing them how its done: David Rey shows superior skills on the mic with the excellent ‘Days & Nights’

David Rey shows us what quality Hip-Hop in 2021 sounds like, as he is putting in ‘Days & Nights‘ to elevate his craft to that legendary level of respect, for the true music fans.

Bermondsey, London-born, Manchester-based fast-rising Hip Hop artist David Rey, makes that gritty type of music that shows his lyrical sword-like abilities on the mic to full effect. He is been through the ups and downs in life, so is perfectly positioned to deliver those real street stories that aren’t fabricated or twisted to fool anyone. A real artist with bags of potential, he is keeping his head down under the traitorous fake hype, so that he can see clearly and not get smoked out by all the greedy noise- that can destroy even the smartest man.

Signed to Mic Check Management (MCM) at the start of 2019, his unique journey is one that is on a wave that might of been slowed down by covid-19 like most musicians, but seems to have that extra inner self-motivation to put in those extra late nights, to reach his own lofty goals.

The hauntingly intense beat busts through the fragile door and sparks vividly into life with a hungry rapper who shows that lyrical prowess on the mic, that is only improving over time like a fine wine. Getting better is the aim, not being hot for a week and then flaming out like a gassed out oven.

Days & Nights‘ from the phenomenally skillful Manchester emcee David Rey, is a real lesson to the youngsters out there that want to get into music. It isn’t about the likes or how cool you look, its actually about working hard on your chosen craft so that you can last as long as possible in this game and be widely acclaimed, as being the best at what you do.

Putting in those extra hours is tough sledding but feeling like you have achieved something special, is a priceless feeling that can never be bought.

Stream this real message on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen