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Know Me: David San Clair recalls being treated by royalty by that special human on Better Than Myself

Dropped from his brand new 6-track EP Anything Goes, David San Clair returns with a stunning song that might get you in the mood to smile again after so much darkness with Better Than Myself.

David San Clair aka David O’Brien is a Louth/Dublin, Ireland-based indie folk singer-songwriter who performs all the country with his loyal band.

Beating with beauty and showing us his extraordinary lyrical detail, David San Clair sings with such joy and shall certainly enliven up your day. His quality is easy to fall in love with and there is a ray of hope attached here, from a tremendously skilled musician who hasn’t even remotely found his peak yet.

Better Than Myself from Louth/Dublin, Ireland-based indie folk singer-songwriter David San Clair is a delightfully performed song from a world class talent who uplifts us away from any previous sadness. Opening up the door and letting us into the bedroom to that memorable moment that he shall cherish forever, this is a terrific song that feels like is from a different era altogether.

Genuine in nature and steaming with that pure warmth you have either felt before or wish you had, we find an artist who has blessed our healing world with an outstanding single for the ages.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen