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X/O breeds euphoric ‘Chaos’ in his latest EDM instrumental

‘Chaos’ is the latest instrumental drop from the up and coming artist and producer X/O, who takes his influence from the likes of David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Alan Walker before melding the most entrancing elements together to create euphonically fresh mixes.

Any and all stylistic reminiscences are fleeting in Chaos, which progressively starts with a simple house melody before building into a euphoria harbinger. Instead of just pertaining the ability to fill a floor, Chaos also holds the capacity to whip that floor into an inhibition-less frenzy.

You can check out the visualiser to Chaos for yourselves by heading to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Prepare Your Summer Prog House Playlists for The Small Things’ Single “Wake Up Alone”

What happens when two artists with multi-platinum music careers get together and set their minds on creating a fiery Prog House Pop hit? Hit play on The Small Things Summer 2020 anthem Wake Up Alone featuring vocals from IINES and embrace the waves of euphoria yourselves.

It’s danceable, it’s accessible, and you’ll need to prepare for the high-vibe perfectly polished melodies in Wake Up Alone to stick with you for quite a while after the energetic hit has faded to a close.

The Small Things may be relatively fresh from inception, but between them, Mats Melbye and Alex Eriksson have a wealth experience and their talent has seen them working alongside the likes of Avicii and David Guetta.

You can check out Wake Up Alone for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

House Producer and DJ Nate C. The Chief releases latest single ‘Sucka’

Buckle your seatbelts, down that shot and, as a safety measure, you may want to secure your head!!! The Veteran DJ Nate.C The Chief is at it again.

‘Sucka’, Nate C. The Chief’s latest offering is a fresh and delicious cocktail of House, Trance, and Hip Hop, with nods to Busta Rhymes, Bassment Jaxx and David Guetta. His gritty vocal call to action and artful use of electronic beats and hypnotic baselines guide the listener unaware to an intoxicating, mind bending crescendo, guaranteed to displace even the very shyest wallflower and plant them squarely in the middle of the dance floor.

This clever mixture of old school riffs, new school tricks and, the ingenious blurring of traditional musical regional lines will please the club going masses greatly and secure a spot on the list of must-hear club anthems in 2020. If jumping dance floors is what Nate C. Is known for, then by jove, a lot of jumping is exactly what he is set to get.

Check out Nate C’s fantastic new release yourself over at Souncloud now.

Review by Susan Harriott

Jack Millat – Set Up: A smash bumpy ride to forever?

Fortunately, some of us have lived long enough to be able to recognize dope trance/ EDM music when we come across one. Lately, we’ve all seen and witnessed the day-to-day transfiguration of EDM since the real big players like; David Guetta, Diplo, Skrillex, Martin Grix, Swedish House Mafia, Avicci, Calvin Harris, Afrojack and host of others added a little glimpse of colour to the eccentric genre of electronic music in its entirety.

Well, apparently Jack Millat is one of the fresh-faced new artists in EDM genre, and his new song “Set Up” is his own official sigil he used in laying his first success roadmap to the long journey ahead in his musical career.

This feel-so-good song starts by fading into soft harmonies of the instrumentalist, the percussion added in the music serves as a catalyst that picked up the loud pace which the song is pitched.

And remarkably, the vocals chops further helped to ace the crescendo into a delightful load of full synths and vibe. The rhythm slows back down not for a second.

There’s no stability of calm to be found in this song, the only stable element in this song is the surge of music avalanche that splashes over its listeners every second of the song’s playtime. There’s really never a dull moment in the song, it’s all a smooth groove of nice electronic dance vibe all along. This is a perfect party hit for all kinds of gathering as well.


A&R Factory Present: Ben Alessi

NYC-based recording artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Ben Alessi, follows his refreshing debut track (“ U ”) with a sultry, electronic dysfunctional-love love song, “ ONLY ”. There’s a magical balance here between what is now a landmark sound for Ben – his layered vocal performance/production woven into the foundational instrumental. Although usually self-produced, Ben was enamored by the emotional instrumental for “Only” created by REO (Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Kid Ink, David Guetta, T-Pain) and so “ONLY” was borne. “U” served as an introduction to Ben’s unique way of envisioning music through color and texture while “Only” seems to let his audience dive right into his soul.

At just 21 years old, Ben Alessi is already leapfrogging through the biz: “U” premiered on Billboard and was remixed by both Michael Brun (3MM Spotify plays and climbing) and Chordashian ; his successful featurings include a Kuren debut release “ Home ” that climbed the Australian charts and national radio; he’s produced/featured on several other viral climbers; he’s collaborating with major music-makers – most recently, Sarz; and, he’s being courted by brands, fashion houses and has landed syncs including T-Mobile. His debut EP is set to drop soon, and several showcases are lined up for March and April.

Since his first self-release, “Primes,” Ben Alessi gained local traction, performing mostly acoustic in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Ben relocated to Manhattan upon signing with Big House Publishing and dove deeper into electronica. His inspirations, ranging from Cashmere Cat and Jean Paul Gaultier to Amy Winehouse and Tarantino, are present in his art through the essence of these cultural icons. The dark, complicated majesty of these heroes is embedded in the textured, subtle beauty of this latest release.

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