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Daughter Of Dawn

Alt Electronica artist Daughter of Dawn has released her debut album ‘Crushed into Dust by the Weight of the World’.

The captivatingly melodic guitar tones in the first single ‘Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores’ perfectly sets the tone for Daughter of Dawn’s debut alt-electronica album ‘Crushed into Dust by the Weight of the World’. It is an existentialist’s playlist staple.

The dark electronica release comes with a cavernously cathartic feel, you can’t help but be pulled into the trippy progressions which glitch their way through lashings of reverb and laceratingly efficacious guitar hooks. Daughter of Dawn may play with the cold and chillier colours on the tonal palate, but there’s still a soulful empyreal air to the atmospheric sound.

Daughter of Dawn is the latest project by Minnesota-based trans artist, artist and producer, Emma Goldman Grey, a semi-professional musician who has toured the world in punk, metal and hardcore bands such as Hive, Contentious and Malachi. With her solo career, she takes inspiration from the likes of Chelsea Wolfe and other artists who experiment with evocative and ethereally dark elements to construct entrancing soundscapes with the capacity to heal.

Crushed into Dust by the Weight of the world is now available to stream via Spotify.

Connect with Daughter of Dawn via Facebook & Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Illuminating electric pulsations for the soul: Daughter Of Dawn impress with remarkable five-track EP ‘Crushed Into Dust by the Weight of the World’

Daughter Of Dawn send us a spectacular piece of captivating beauty and intrigue on one of the best releases you will hear all year called ‘Crushed Into Dust by the Weight of the World‘.

Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Daughter Of Dawn is the stunning solo project of the multi-talented Emma Goldman Grey who is a proudly trans musician and activist, who created that special blend of calming guitar fueled trip-hop music that makes you listen intently, the hairs all over your body stand to attention and fills your soul with heart-beating authenticity that breezes effortlessly through your curious speakers.

All five tracks on this wonderful EP are of equal quality and this is a real rarity, with a world full of fillers and songs that don’t fit inside of the matrix.

With a soothingly mysterious voice, Emma transfixes you into an altered state with a peaceful power that very few posses. The glorious soundscapes are so cinematic as you feel like you are floating in a dream as you are so locked into being relaxed that everything else seems to insignificant.

Crushed Into Dust by the Weight of the World‘ is a spiritual experience that you need to prepare your mind and body for. This is an EP that is best listened to with no expectations as you let your mind wonder inside, your body follows and you lay back on you bed, eyes closed to take it all in.

If there is better meditation or visualization music out there, I haven’t heard it yet. The care and love that this has been made with is truly extraordinary and your mood will be instantly better, with your body thanking you for breathing new energy inside every sinew of you.

With our ever-breaking world in a state of depressing flux, this is a piece of mind-bending and pure music- that is truly remarkable.

Stream this intriguing EP on Spotify and see the adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen