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Flying Higher Than Most: Atlanta EDM artist Darth Athena looks for more on ‘Skydome’

With a booming beat that has your alert senses wide awake and vividly imagining being back in that sweaty club while you dance all night, Darth Athena takes us into a whole new world of possibilities with ‘Skydome‘.

Darth Athena is an Atlanta, Georgia-based EDM solo artist and music producer. This is a cultivated musician who has used his varied influences from his love of trance, techno, tech-house, RnB, pop, and video game soundtracks, to produce a truly body-stimulating experience.

Darth grew up listening to electronic dance music, movie soundtracks, fantasy soundtracks, darkwave, rave, rock, jazz, rap, and R&B music since childhood. An accumulation of influences and listening to several music artists, genres have had an impact on his musical style and sound.” ~ Darth Athena

Skydome‘ from the Atlanta, Georgia-based EDM artist and music producer Darth Athena, is a mighty effort from a highly proficient artist who takes our impressionable minds into a new planet up above that is rather mysterious. He takes the lid off all the restrictions that have shaken our independence recently, with a truly ear-shaking track that seems to fill so many genres. This is the type of track to play at a house party or perhaps when you are working out in the gym, to get that blood flowing furiously again.

Hear this explosion of sounds via Spotify and submerge yourself in the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Surrender your senses to Darth Athena’s high-energy Trance mix Polyzap

Atlanta-based EDM artist and producer Darth Athena has recently dropped their most entrancing track to date, Polyzap.

It wasn’t long before the high-energy futuristic mix quickly garnered plenty of acclaim from Techno, Tech House and Trance fans alike. Even without clubs to hit, the galvanising track became a playlist staple for anyone looking for a rhythmically hypnotic track to sink into.

The style, structure and execution of the extended-length are typical from what you can expect from Darth Athena, but with Polyzap, they created their most distinctive and daring track yet. Between the euphoric build-ups and the all to satisfying breakdowns, you’ll find doom-laden sonic synths amongst a myriad of other effects and sci-fi vibes which combine to ensure that listening to Polyzap is a full-body experience.

You can check out Polyzap for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast