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Dark Acoustic Pop

Ro Jordan has released her narratively Elysian acoustic pop hit, Asking Heaven Questions

The title of Ro Jordan’s latest single, Asking Heaven Questions, isn’t the only thing sonically Elysian about the evocative indie pop release, which will throw you right back to the empowering soul of 90s pop as it establishes the BBC-lauded songstress as one that could define the future of the genre.

Her narratively immersing approach to lyricism has been honed to the nth degree in the single, which effortlessly evades cliches while traversing the well-trodden landscape of heartbreak pop hits. If there is anything that will leave the impious calling out to higher powers, it is being torn from a dynamic that you were once so eager to place the lion’s share of your faith. In its wake, there’s little more than grief and uncertainty, which Ro Jordan so eloquently alludes to in the metaphorical dream of a dark acoustic production.

Asking Heaven Questions will release across all major platforms on May 26; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast