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You are enough: Daneka drops intriguing debut about love and heartbreak on ‘She’s Never Been’

Through her thought-provoking lens of previous pain during her tough upbringing and seeing things a young girl shouldn’t, the inspiring Daneka tells us the true story of loving a man who is taken, while also sticking up for the unique ladies out there on promising debut ‘She’s Never Been’.

Daneka Ackhavong aka Daneka, is a Essex-born indie RnB/soul/pop singer-songwriter, who draws on her own real experiences that made her grow up quicker than she should, and uses her meaningful creations to help herself heal, whilst also assisting others who share her story.

She sings with such maturing glow and you can feel the true passion in her voice, her life was hard growing up and she was exposed to and did things she shouldn’t have been able to. She is now flying above all of that now however, to fully flourish and open her wings, as an emerging musician with bundles of talent and a determination like no other.

The story of loving a man who is with someone else is clear to see, as she tries to hide her feelings but can’t, as we hear about how some women are told that they aren’t pretty enough thanks to fake photo shopped fashion magazines, however they really are so gorgeous and desirable by just being themselves.

She’s Never Been’ from Southend On Sea, Essex-born Daneka, is a fantastic debut from a talented female artist, as she finds that inner confidence to tell her story without fear of being judged, in this often quick-comment world that is fast to hate, and too slow to fully love for the right reasons.

Hear this wonderful debut track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen