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KARMAA gives Ru Paul a run for their money with the queer Alt Pop anthem “Werkk”

KARMAA has dropped plenty of fresh danceable feats of Alt-Pop, but the best introduction to their magnetically fierce sound is their single Werkk. It gives Ru Paul’s empoweringly queer hits a run for their money.

Boomers and bigots may not appreciate the high vibe, but anyone whose mind isn’t closing in on itself will appreciate the aural call for confidence and unity amongst the queer community.

With elements of Hip Hop weaved into the Pop mix, there’s plenty of conviction behind the lyrics and you’ll get just as much energy from the trancey EDM beats.

You can check out KARMAA’s single Werkk for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Big Frank – Jealous: Floor-Filling RnB Pop

US RnB Pop artist Big Frank has dropped plenty of fresh hits, but their groovingly euphoric floor-filler “Jealous” is the perfect for their authentically soulful approach to Pop.

The sonic fuzzy synth lines fizz around the snappy danceable beats while Big Frank lays down their playfully harmonic vocals. Jealous may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s plenty of magnetism in Jealous thanks to the high-energy vocals which definitely won’t fail to pull you into the eccentric mix.

If you’re looking for more aural odes to hedonism for your playlists, you’ll strike gold with Jealous.

You can check out Jealous for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


NOFAR WAINBERGER – Stay with Me: Funked Up Summer Pop

NOFAR WAINBERGER’s debut Pop earworm Stay with Me leaves lingering resonance which stays with you for long after the uniquely inviting modern hit has faded to a close.

There’s a rare sense of sincerity within the vocals which run clean and free from autotune, NOFAR WAINBERGER’s flawlessly harmonic passion-soaked vocals needed absolutely no assistance. The trancey energetic beats provide the perfect platform for her equally as galvanizing vocals.

Stay with Me is the perfect Summer Pop pick-me-up if you’re looking to infuse a little romanticism in your playlists. Pop debuts are infrequently as promising as this. We’re already stoked to hear what’s next.

Stay with Me is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Blow Pop effortlessly stroll in with the brilliant indie-pop ‘Nobody’

Set for release on the 16th August, this is Blow Pop’s time to shine as they return with the brilliant indie-pop laced present ‘Nobody‘.

This is all about feeling that you are nobody in this big world of ours. A reflective story of being able to leave a situation quickly if need be. You have a low opinion of yourself and also blame yourself easily for things you really shouldn’t.

Blow Pop have such a stylishly sharp way about them from the ear blessing vocals and fine production. There is indie, pop, dance and disco all fused together like a delicious wrap of lip tingling goodness here. I love everything about this glorious piece of articulate art on this new track.

Nobody‘ from Blow Pop is a lovely indie-pop peach that gives you a pure feeling inside. An 80’s inspired song that is a self-reflection that lots of us feel like even though we shouldn’t. We are all special and somebody.

Stream this fab track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


California artist Kozmik has love on the mind on ‘monkey in the middle’

LA dance act Kozmik wants true love on his brand new dance-pop release called ‘monkey in the middle‘.

That feeling when you love someone but now have another crush on the mind. You aren’t sure what to do now and are taking time to decide. On the one hand you love who you are with but feel like the new crush will make you happier. In a way you feel a bit bad that you are feeling this but this is the way things are.

This is the 3rd single from the Californian artist after the successful releases of ‘Panic‘ and ‘Sunsets‘. With a dance vibe this is a reflective smooth pop track all about deciding which love is best for you right now. The vocals are fabulous and adds to the love-torn picture that we are witnessing.

Kozmik keeps on coming out with fantastic music and ‘monkey in the middle‘ is a top song with a love twist that happens in life from time to time.

Stream here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


UK producer Hazlee drops dazzling new electro-pop dance track ‘Don’t Hide Away’

UK producer Hazlee is done being in the shadows on his brand new party slider for 2020 called ‘Don’t Hide Away‘.

This new track from the London based artist was written during the early stages of the unfortunate and tragic lockdown that we all face as humans right now.  ‘Don’t Hide Away‘ was inspired by the sadness of not being able to see friends and family at a difficult time which we all can’t wait to be over. Music made from tough times and lots of love is infused here on this fine track.

Hazlee has been creating music under different guises for the last ten years as a London busker and part of the Borough of Barnet’s band with which he played the Royal Albert Hall. Now a fully dipping his whole soul into being a successful solo musician, ‘Don’t Hide Away‘ is the 2nd single from the young new star on the scene.

This is an all night track that is best served with some cool beverages and lots of fun vibes by the beach or party. UK’s Hazlee comes in with an attitude of just enjoying the music and not focusing on genres. What feels good is going to be released and I love this style. Real soul that makes us think of better times.

Stream this sparkling effort from the breezy team on Spotify.

Don’t hide away from the awesome Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Neontown slide into the club with cool party track ”One Of Us”

Neontown are here with their dance-pop style melodies and bring the vibe with debut track ”One Of Us”.

Producer Auree and guitarist Jac are both from Italy and are now based in Leeds in England. They are a brand new duo that are self-confessed misfits and want to share their message with the world.

One Of Us” is a song that makes you want to touch the sky and dance all night. Neontown bring the highest of energies for this dance-pop track that is full of star-gazing beats and catchy vocals. The duo might be very new to the scene but the music is of an act that have released many a song.

Neontown are fully in the mood here on ”One Of Us”. This is a track that is going to be played loud in the clubs when they open up again as this outfit reach for the stars on this release. Their music is pure and you can tell that they have fun making songs together.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this new party track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bäckar – Anything for You: Sonically Entrancing Indie Synth Pop

With their debut single “Anything for You”, LA-based artist and songwriter Bäckar created a new trajectory in the evolution of Pop.

Within the multi-layered single, you’ll find the cool tones of Indie Shoegaze guitars, the throbs of Post-Punk basslines, 80s synthpop and elements of ensnaring world music under the entrancing Dance Pop beats. Under a less masterful production, it would be utter chaos, yet, Bäckar pulled it together with synergetic and euphoric ease.

There’s nothing I could say to prepare you for the sonically enrapturing energy in Anything for You. It’s beyond anything you’ve ever heard.

You can check out Bäckar’s single Anything for You for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lilo is due to make her debut with her resoundingly powerful Baroque Dance Pop single Turned to Glass


Up and coming Pop artist Lilo is set to make a resounding debut with her first officially released single “Turned to Glass”.

The progressive hit kicks off with a moody prelude which will ensnare any fans of Lorde. Yet, the soundscape quickly picks up momentum and bursts into an effervescent offering of high-octane Baroque Dance Pop. If that wasn’t enough, there are also the feel-good Disco Pop vibes which will leave you feeling higher than the notes Lilo can easily stretch to vocally.

The energy will leave you psyched while the ingenuity will leave you floored. Lilo’s powerful vocal dynamics are one thing. Her unapologetically experimental style puts her leagues apart from any other Pop artist I’ve heard this year. She’s definitely one to watch.

Turned to Glass will be available to stream via all major platforms from August 7th. For more info, head over to Lilo’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Komputer Kid – Summer Again: Infectiously Euphoric 80s-Inspired Synth Pop

Embrace the nostalgias of summers past with up and coming artist Komputer Kid’s synthy glitchy 80s Synth Pop hit “Summer Again”.

The infectious melodies will leave you a pretty stubborn perennial earworm and plenty imagery of 80s dancefloors where big hair and dayglo spandex reigned supreme. It may be lyrically light, but that just leaves your mind with more room to explore the transcendent track which pulls in nuanced infusions of Chiptune.

The Alt-Pop euphoric danceable hit may not be everyone’s cup of tea with their retro take, but anyone who appreciates an old school analog vibe in a modernistic high-vibe production will definitely appreciate the sound which Komputer Kid distinctively offers.

You can check out Komputer Kid’s single Summer Again for yourselves via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast