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Bronx Boom Bap: Dana X Rico Nasty – AgainxAgain


Dana brought boom bap hip hop into the millennial age with their latest dark track, AgainxAgain, featuring Rico Nasty. While old school hip hop fans can grasp at the nostalgia in the domineering mix, the new generation can get exhilarated by the clever hooks and versatile talent.

The featuring vocalist brought an incredible dynamic to the track; once the rapid-fire bars start to unravel, you can appreciate just how magnetic the drawl and deadpan preceding bars were. Throughout his career, the Bronx, NY-based artist has proven that his vocals can complement any beat, and he knows just how to create a laceratingly sharp vocal hook. He’s definitely one to watch.

AgainxAgain will be available to stream from November 26th, 2021, via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Strong Connection: North Carolina RnB/neo-soul artist Dana opens the mental blocks on ‘Cut Through Me’

Bringing us a soul-healing track off his third independent studio album called ‘Uncovered, Vol. 1‘, Dana feels that intense love which feels like shivering perfection on ‘Cut Through Me‘.

Dana E White aka Dana, is a indie neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter, design artist, keen fisherman, gamer, and music producer who is based in North Carolina.

This is the beautifully atmospheric story about being so low before and wondering if you could get over this saddening slumber – as you then meet an almost angelic soul –  who with a click of their loving fingers, seems to changed everything in an instant. The storms seem to pass by like they were nothing and you feel like a newly healed radiant soul.

With smoothly tipped vocals that wash away all the pain from the past, you feel a redemption-like feeling all over this new track with so much meaning. The breathtaking soundscape seems to lather a new road onto your mind map, as you grab that compass and vow to never return to the heart-breaking moments of the past.

Cut Through Me‘ from the North Carolina-based indie neo-soul/RnB artist and music producer Dana, is the track to overcome all the doubts from before. After much reflective wonder and over-thinking, he has found someone special who has brought him such peace. Made with a real care to help others, this is a lovely track which has been made with a tender touch.

Sometimes you just to meet someone special who shows you the way in life, as all previous issues seem to float away in an instant when you are with them.

Hear this new song on Spotify and see more news on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Putting The Pieces Back: Dana heals through courage on heartfelt new single ‘Collage’

Released off his new ten-track ‘Uncovered, Vol. 1‘ album from this year, Dana searches for all the broken memories of life to make his ‘Collage‘ of healing, so he may come to a happier reality.

Dana White aka Dana, is an emerging North Carolina-based indie RnB/neo-soul artist from a family of musicians, who sings about real moments that have influenced him in life, as he takes us on a journey of self-healing to become stronger, whilst helping others who have been in this same position recover too.

This is the story of feeling that your body is disjointed after a loss, the pieces are scattered all over the show as your mind tries to recover, your heart heals slowly, but this picture will be brighter again soon. The painful memories are harder to bare as you feel for a while that no one really cares, until you find a really good listener that understands you and guides you back to your happy place.

His voice shows the pain and emotion, the tone is strong and deep, trying to stay calm despite the water gushing all over his body through the storm of life that can sink you for a while, until you find that lifeboat to help you rise up again.

Collage‘ from soulful singer Dana, is that ode to all the romantics out there who feel love deeper and pain more intense than others. Going through all the memories to be better next time is the best way to replenish all those lost moments, rather than sweeping them under the carpet for them to emerge again, when the ferocious winds blow your way again.

Stream this poetic song on Spotify and see his Twitter for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen