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Georgina White became Trip-Hop’s most arresting chanteuse in ‘LOVE’

Georgina White’s recently re-released single, LOVE, is an aching reflection on the darker shades of affection. As the PJ Harvey-esque trip-hop aesthetics mirror the turbulence of a mind gaslit into accepting abuse by nefarious actions running under the guise of passion, the indie alt-pop framework ensures that White is doing far more than simply following in the footsteps of trip-hop pioneers, she’s synthesising a sound that is irreplicably her own.

The sepia-tinged production by the hand of Dan Myers brings an aura of old-school spectral soul to the soundscape which harnesses the haunting vocal delivery. Delicate yet commanding, White’s voice embodies the complexities of maleficent love, delivering each verse with a chanteuse’s grace and an insurgence of empowerment. Angel Olsen herself couldn’t have performed LOVE better.

Penned after drawing inspiration from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, LOVE lends from the melancholic depths of the OST; despair pulsates throughout the progressions in the luxuriantly arcane production that melds gritty guitars with syncopated beats that mimic the frenetic rhythms of a heart beating out of sync.

Whatever the Brit-Austrian artist and actress turns her talents to next, it is going to be the epitome of iconic.

Stream LOVE on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast