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Damn The Wolves

Damning Torpedoes and Wolves

Here’s a film scene: It’s midnight somewhere, and there’s someone staring at the mirror deciding to move full-force on with their life. No more regrets, no more second guesses, just pure and resolute determination. What kind of song would play in the soundtrack?

It would probably have to be something anthem-like, with enough energy to drive you to empathy for a new life-path. And in that vein, let me suggest the following song:

With energy high enough to cause an earthquake and a melody that stays with you for days, Damn the Wolves is out with an eponymously titled song. Right out of the gate, the rhythm guitar pushes forward with pulsating chords just a few seconds before the vocals start. It’s a fast ride to be sure, but there is a hint of ballad, especially in the tenor-voice of the lead singer.

Genre-wise this track moves around between elements of punk (especially in the guitar), classic rock – in the way the shredding guitar solo happens before the final chorus, and pop (I have to mention once more those soaring/beautiful vocals). But I think most fans will be happy to call this rock, hopefully, Damn the Wolves are happy with that title also.

So whether you’re filming the newest montage scene in your indie picture, or need something to pump you up for your heavy set at the gym, do consider this track.

Michael C. Wheeler