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Curse Of The Jungle

RMZ fuses tech and afro in his new single ‘Sacred Jungle’ and ‘Curse Of The Jungle’ on one track

Sacred Jungle and ‘Curse Of The Jungle‘ is the new trippy track from RMZ with African house influences that fuses two songs in one.

RMX is a Producer, DJ, and music enthusiast. Throughout the years he has spun some seriously Funky/Disco/Groovy sets which he believes brings positive vibes to the crowd and is the soul purpose of music. This is an artist that loves what he does and doesn’t do it for the

This is a mixture of Afro House and Melodic House with Techno elements that makes this new song pack a real heart punch. A good punch that wakes up your heart and gets you dancing. The result is a trippy tribal track with a tech push that gets the blood flowing in all of the right places.

The 2 in 1 song ‘Sacred Jungle and ‘Curse Of The Jungle‘ from RMZ packs a bouncy beat that will get you growing and make you imagine being in the African jungle, exploring the lands and finding yourself. This is a quality track that keeps you hooked all the way around your soul and grabs your attention. The detail is lovely here and I like the house beat and mysterious vibe that keeps you alive.

Stream the track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen