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A heartfelt song to get that true love back: Averto shows regret for past mistakes on ‘Cry’

A sensually pleasing voice that meshes with a beat that is quite sumptuously classy, we are let in the door by a duo that tell the true story of a love that is so strong but needs to heal in order to truly blossom. Averto bring us a song to listen deeply to on the Indie-Pop single ‘Cry‘.

Taken off the brand new 4-track EP called ‘1304‘, this is a sexy-sad song that is loaded with regret and also an honest take on how they are deep inside.

Featuring a sax-filled chorus that makes you take notice, you can’t help but enjoy this new single that is hugely relevant in modern day society. With Social Media clouding our morals and values, some elements of short bursts of silly selfishness seeps through into us all sometimes, even if we don’t want it to be this way.

Jahlisa Jade and Zack form together tightly as Averto and this team are rather tremendous here on ‘Cry‘. This is a relevant story for all of us that have been with such a beautiful soul, that somehow seems to hurt us again and again, even if they don’t mean to. Its a lesson into how strong the love really is, if it can be rebuilt with true communication then the chances of survival are greater but this needs lots of compassion and honesty. Only then, can our souls be reconnected into that meaningful love, without constant and traumatic tears.

Hear this regret-filled single on Spotify and find out about future shows on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen