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Creek – Endgame: Fresh New Symphony

Endgame is Creek’s new track is a bass heavy Electronica Rap ensemble fresh from Calgary, Alberta. Canadians have never been infamous for their musical talent. Yet electronica acts such as Creek invite you to explore the talent pool of America’s twin country with his sturdy beats, perfect for any mellow play list. The electronica mix is infused with sounds from a myriad of genres, from Experimental to Trap. It’s clear that the artist doesn’t strive to constrain himself within just one genre.

Sounding like something you would hear on a Resident Evil soundtrack, the track is poignantly ambient, yet there’s never a moment that your ears aren’t treated to a fresh cacophony of immersive sound. To describe Endgame as a symphonic masterpiece wouldn’t be an over exaggeration. The track flows with infinite progression, there’s no monotonous looping, each beat is perfectly placed. Yet it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the monotone vocals & mundane lyrics criminally hinder this track. There’s no artistic or rhythmic merit to the vocals, they’re just merely there and It makes the track a little bored.

No review of Endgame would be complete without the Lynchian style music video. In parts, it made the experience for me. Go and check it out via YouTube now: