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Footie, space and music combine: West Midlands Rockers Marquis Drive remind us to look at the positives on ‘Spaceman’

Signed to the Creation23 Label, the 7-Piece indie rockers Marquis Drive float into our hearts on the planetary journey that is ‘Spaceman’.

The vigorous entry gets you hot under the collar and a fresh fan might be needed to cool the air down. This is energetic stuff as the setup to the chorus is quite a listen, the marauding guitars fly in to swat all flies away with a force that is so electric and makes your heart skip a beat. The band that met at a local pub and share a massive love for football; once again show us their quality on this rip-roaring effort that will make the hungriest lion blush in delight.

With a year that has been characterized by mostly bad news, this is a refreshing song about with the future and what what it holds for humankind. Space travel is a topic that has been off our minds for a while but Elon Musk might have a new theme song here. Travelling up above has always fascinated humans and the aura is once again lifted to commend the great work that so many do to discover new things that will hopefully help future discoveries for many moons to follow.

The vocals are delivered with a punchy style that is often breathless and packed with a spectacular energy that is phenomenally sung. The 7-Piece outfit shred our anxiousness away with one of the best rock tracks this year. They are such a riveting listen and you just want to see them live and dance the rust away with a band that has so much going for them.

After being announced to perform at the epic Creation Festival 2021, things are coming together for Marquis Drive. Everyone does love a ‘Spaceman’ after all.

Stream the band here on Spotify and Soundcloud plus see their music adventure on IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen