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Philadelphia’s Archpalatine shines a light on a romantic moment that is magnificently unforgettable with ‘Hypnotized’

With a locked-in-spell sort of vibe that might have you clicking your fingers and smiling happily at your new lover as you gaze into each other’s eyes, Archpalatine shows us that it is possible to find that special soul on the dance floor of your choosing with ‘Hypnotized‘.

Archpalatine is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie Histrionic-Cosmic-Soul band that makes a sterling stage-show type of experience that gets your whole body intertwined with stupendous effect.

Archpalatine infuses his musical presentations with theatrics traditionally reserved for stage shows and are reminiscent of large-scale Broadway features — be they performed on a grand scale, in intimate rooms, or at the trendiest outlets.” ~ Archpalatine

Showing us why they are one of the most flamboyant underground bands around currently, Archpalatine is at its terrific best with a spectacularly entertaining display with a romantic song to get the pulses racing.

Hypnotized‘ from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie Histrionic-Cosmic-Soul group Archpalatine is a flair-packed single that will possibly have you getting your clothes ironed and your fragrance ready for action. There are sensational vocals on offer here that will warm your soul – while you look at this wonderful smile you see before you – as you make the first move and see what unfolds from there. Life is about taking calculated chances after all, as you never know what will happen if you try.

Listen up to this catchy single on Spotify and see the progression on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

HEAVY SALAD LIVE REVIEW: 25/01/2020, Gulliver’s Manchester

Heavy Salad

With the curiosity-piquing promise of getting to hear Heavy Salad’s new material from their upcoming debut album, I couldn’t resist heading to their headline show at Gulliver’s on January 25th in Manchester.

There was little room for disappointment as their multifaceted talent donned a plethora of wholesome new guises during their set. From mesmerising Blur-Esque trippy transcendence to their individualistically cosmic take on Pop to bitingly vivid Psych Rock to occultist eerily kaleidoscopic tones, they offered it all and more. Their versatility is illimitable.

All too often, when you listen to new bands, you’ll also hear the desperation in their bid for conformity and acceptance within a scene. With Heavy Salad, there’s a tranquil air to their live performances as they relay the melodic manifestations of their Lynchian imaginations and ingenuity. If anything is as refreshing as their defiance against orthodoxy, it’s seeing deftly talented artists with no sense of ego or grandeur. The vibe between them spills out in rhythmic tides ready to sweep up anyone open-minded enough to appreciate genuine distinction.

The sprinkling of bemused faces in the crowd affirmed just how innovative Heavy Salad are – both on record and in their live shows where they are joined by their aptly-named backing singers The Priestesses. Their extremely nuanced vocal contributions lace every single track with a celestially arcane feel. If witch trials were held today, The Priestesses definitely wouldn’t be safe.

But it is safe to say that they know how to end a set. The visceral monster with which they concluded was the first time I’d truly gotten a taste of the extent of guitarist Rob Glennie’s talent. His usual cathartic serene style took a seismic shift into a blisteringly arrestive masterfully crafted riffs which induced a literal jaw-drop moment. It all seemed to happen at the speed of light. If I wasn’t excited for their debut album which is still in production, I definitely am now.

You can check out Heavy Salad’s previously released singles via Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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Cosmic – Bank Account: Rappers in Recession

Well, the track is going to be about being minted or broke isn’t it?

This Hip Hop & Rap hit by Cosmic is the latter.

Satire aside, Cosmic aka T.J. Hendron debut track Bank Account is infectious, encapsulating, and dangerously relevant which any fan of harsh Hip Hop will delight in. It’s packed with animosity and first world problems. Which is a pretty common feat for Rap artists to make money so prevalent a topic in their tracks, Cosmic is following suit in his own style. The self-proclaimed “pasty white boy” takes hold of his lyrics in a grip of poetic angst to take it to the next level.

I’m not sure what captivated me most in his latest track, the fact that he referred to the philosopher Socrates and lists Eminem as is influences or the fact that he possesses such charismatic naivety. One thing’s for sure, with such a playful command of music will see him in videos 5 years down the line singing about Strippers & Cocaine. Such is the natural progression of a Hip Hop artist.

You can check out Bank Account along with his other tracks using the SoundCloud link below: