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I Slide: Queens rapper ptmWOK cruises away from those tapped lines on ZOOM

With dope production, illuminating visuals and a massively likeable flow, ptmWOK is in no mood to get caught up in easily avoidable moments which could end the good times forever on his latest video, ZOOM.

ptmWOK is a Queens, New York-based indie Latin-American rapper who has the cool smokey style which puts hairs up on the back of many spines and shows us what the underground sounds like right now.

Teaching the youth how to rap with a decompressed but effective technique, ptmWOK drops the mic of anyone who is doubting. Sending our minds into a flurry of emotions, we find a real emcee who is only improving his craft and straying far from flimsy click-bait fads. This is adult rap to look introspectively into you see.

ZOOM from Queens, New York-based indie Latin-American rapper ptmWOK is a supremely confident song to delve deeper into the mindset of a real visionary. Avoiding the lame wackness which is sadly in abundance and straying away from the common songs which will never be timeless, this is a reminder that proper lyricism is alive and well.

If you love underground hip-hop with significance, turn it up and forget the rest.

Check out this Flushing Meadows-shot video on YouTube.

Follow him further on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Destination: Ojay feels the passion of the new legends forming on These Kids

Sensing the change needed and admiring the fight of the new generation, Ojay drops a fiery new single which is made for those sweaty dancefloors on the epic new track These Kids.

Ojay is a carefree Western Australia-based indie punk-rock-pop band who are known for delivering those sweaty cool performances which leave tongues wagging for more.

Fusing the high energy rock and punk of the ’80s and ’90s, with the catchy hooks and sing-along melodies of the current pop charts.” ~ Ojay

With their name on the lips of many and sounding the alarm just to get the party started, Ojay shows us that Australian grit and flourish rather splendidly on this outstanding new song for the masses.

These Kids from Western Australia-based indie punk-rock-pop band Ojay is a rather likeable speaker-booster for anyone who needed to be reminded that the world is in good hands. Taking our souls into a more thoughtful place and sending shivers down our spines with a gloriously entrenched format that will startle anyone taking a nap.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Houston RnB artist Lacañgan is floating into her arms on ‘Cool’

As his optimistic heart swirls into a cheerful spin that has never been felt before in his whole life, Lacañgan just knows that this is his soulmate that makes him slow down and feel grateful for this sweet love on ‘Cool‘.

Lamar Lacañgan aka Lacañgan (pronounced La-Kon-Yawnis) is a California-born, Houston, Texas-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter, actor and producer.

When you know it’s time to finally go all in and give it everything you got.” ~ Lacañgan

Directing us into a movie-like story that has been made with a calming ambience that helps us get away from the quick swipes and meaningless one-nighters, Lacañgan reminds us that discovering that key to your lock is such an important journey in this plastic world.

Initially gaining recognition in the early 2000s as a signed act to Red Hill Records, Lacañgan was as part of the Christian group called Kindred 3.” ~ Lacañgan

Cool‘ from Houston, Texas-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter/actor/producer Lacañgan, is the kind of candle-lit track that will cause bodies to swoon and blush to form. This is the story all about giving thanks to that caring lover who has grabbed your heart so naturally, as you move away from the previous games and put your whole soul into what you have. Sung with a smooth attitude and an honest tone, this is a single that will have you dancing closely with someone who you really feel is the one.

Listen to this romantic new single on Soundcloud and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Soul Point ft. Aske visually flow through with the ladies in fresh summer anthem ”Cool”

Here is the happiest Hip Hop music video of 2020. No question.

Soul Point ft. AskeCool” is exactly that. This is a cool music video full of freshness and beautiful ladies. The vibe is happy and joyful, exactly how summer should be. We are in a different world, full of hate and divisiveness. We are taken back to a happier time here and this track is all about being with friends and enjoying life.

Cool” is a great track for so many reasons. The beat is perfect and I just want to be in the music video with the fun summer vibes raising the temperature. Formally from California, you can feel the mellow 420 vibes that smokes through smoothly here. This is about riding around with the real friends and keeping it chill. The world is way too tense and Arizona’s Soul Point illustrates that in style for us with Aske as they make a formidable team that need more love.

Shot & Directed by Sonny Houston of SDVisions and Produced By Kontrabandz, this is one of the best summer videos out there. I welcome more tracks like this as we start with go outside again and enjoy life.

Stream this song on YouTube now and feel the happy summer vibes.

Check out the Facebook for more info and gig dates.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen