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Right For You: Max Mercier sings with illuminating meaning on vocally excellent effort, In Your Frame

Wondering why a certain someone misuses the all important test of time, Max Mercier displays his powerful vocals for all to hear in flourishing full force with In Your Frame.

Max Mercier is a San Francisco-born Los Angeles-based indie pop artist and music producer who grew up singing classic Tom Petty tracks.

Max writes the story of two people who can’t let go of one another, though it is detrimental to both of their well being. Letting go of his dream-pop/heartland rock/glam-rock roots, he explores a more contemporary pop sound, laced with the sonic textures of the last century.” ~ Max Mercier

Scintillating to the max and launched with so much velocity, Max Mercier shows us into his mind and performs with a splendid verve which shall get many ears wagging with delight.

In Your Frame from San Francisco-born Los Angeles-based indie pop artist and music producer Max Mercier is a magnificently instinctive single for those who love their music made with gloriously toned vocals to hug all night. Wrapped tightly in courageous lyrics and a sublime aura, we find a refreshing release to play on loud.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Deidre Thornell has released incredible single ‘Keep on Loving Me’

Deidre Thornell has dropped her latest single ‘Keep on Loving Me’ a truly mesmerising piece with a heartfelt lyrical approach.

Infusing a contemporary country sound with the occasional pop twist, throughout this piece it’s extremely powerful and the emotion pours through each word sung. Having that brittle texture to the voice as Deidre pours her heart and soul into the music she produces and you can hear that every second.

Having that trusted companion of the acoustic guitar guiding the song along and combining alongside the vocals. That soft strum, nothing too drastic, keeping it simple and really letting her voice cut through and show just how well she can hit those high notes and how incredible the vocal ranges are.

A fantastic piece by Deidre, one that is filled with passion and positivity and one that needs to be added to your playlist.

Listen to Deidre Thornell’s ‘Keep on Loving Me’ by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

ELIAZ has dropped latest single How

ELIAZ has dropped her latest piece ‘How’ through this Pop track a lot of emotion pours through the vocals and the soft instrumentation.

Pure emotion pours through the vocals as the lyrics have this poignant meaning, through the powerful vocal range and instrumentation this track is truly mesmerising and the feelings that come through the voice giving it that brittle tone.

The piano keys create this calming instrumental as the vocals get higher and higher, having that smooth texture to them, sometimes the voice tends to crack and the brittle tone comes through more so when the vocals are at a lower volume.

But ELIAZ has a wide variety of tones when it comes to her voice, she’s not afraid to take it higher and she’s certainly not afraid to push this overwhelming emotion through her voice. The instrumentation does take a bit of a turn near the end, it has this more Hip-Hop style electronic beat where the vocals have this more distorted texture to them then going back into the slow pace style, an incredible piece.

This is one to check out for sure, we can’t wait to see what ELIAZ does next.

Listen to ELIAZ How by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

PEECH- Redroom (Prod.Ramsey): The face of modern day RnB Rap

Up and coming Hip-hop and Rap artist PEECH has dropped a killer track ‘Redroom (Prod.Ramsey)’’. The Utah rapper has some serious talent and one that needs to be recognised.

Raping can be such a controversial genre when it comes to music, but in reality they’re the ones that keep it the most real which is exactly what PEECH does.

The fact that he’s fairly new to the scene and creates tracks with such confounding instrumentals and not to mention the roar emotion that seeps through his perfectly timed vocals, they flow so well together and it’s so impressive.

You can’t help but connect to the deep yet relatable lyrics as it’s sung in an incredible way. PEECH brings his thoughts and experiences and turns them into something that has potential to be a huge hit. He proves that you can still create something that stands out from the rest, even if you haven’t been making music for years.

For those that are a lover of contemporary Rap and RnB you have to listen to this, you won’t regret it.

You must check out PEECH’s single Redroom (Prod.Ramsey) by heading over to Sound Cloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

GimmeMo – Cash Flow: Organic Contemporary R&B

Cash Flow; isn’t this what makes the materialistic world go round? This is also the title of GimmeMo’s new track.

There are a couple of things that are right with this song: On the music side of things, you will get a strong and spicy 90’s R&B sound, driven by a pretty-sounding guitar riff that adds a strong funky flavor to the track. The bass guitar is also present, leading the groove, while the beat on the back I will go ahead and say that it is its palest bit.

GimmeMo’s singing is enticing, while she is not presenting a wide vocal range on “Cash Flow” -actually, I believe that there are hardly any tone variations- it sounds promising. It definitely sounds like a work in progress, promising nevertheless. While she doesn’t get technical with her voice, she sounds unique, which is a bit inexplicable.

Overall, I appreciate the old-school vibes of “Cash Flow” and the fact that GimmeMo’s voice sounds anything but pretentious.

Listen to “Cash Flow” on Soundcloud

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Donovan Lowe – Feel The Same: Contemporary Urban R&B

All you 6lack and Frank Ocean fans (and I know you are legions) gather round. The Bay Area R&B recording artist Donovan Lowe has a juicy suggestion for your “Sadboi” playlist.

“Feel The Same” (featuring Young Al) has such a bizarre production, this a leftfield take on today’s R&B, presenting a more dangerous, wilder side of contemporary urban music, just like The Weeknd did in his first trilogy. The production of this thing is a gun; when listening on headphones you are being bombarded by this sarcastic beat from left and right.

This artist has all the potential to blow up any time. This is cutting-edge music, without any unnecessary technical blah-blahs, it is short and to the point. And there’s a wide market to feast upon it. Even though the impression one might get from Donovan’s appearance could be he is leaning towards a more old-school R&B thing, like Anthony Hamilton. However, this is so 2019-2020 music.

“Feel the Same” (featuring Young Al) is included in Donovan Lowe debut EP called “Loving U In Secret”. Stream it the song

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Greg Crockett – Refreshing Contemporary Jazz

Greg Crockett’s latest album, released earlier in 2017 is one of the most immersive sounds that we’ve been treated to this year. The stylish jazz styling is dynamic and captivating, it stands out as a beacon of hope to music amongst the genre conforming acts that clog up the soundwaves on whatever radio station you tune into. His whole album is awash with seductive sounds that have the ability to make you feel like you’re a thousand miles away from where you really are. In my eyes It’s a timeless sound that deserves more recognition and I’m delighted to be the one to attempt to captivate the rich stylings of Greg Crockett and his band.

The majority of his sound is instrumental, yet when his band is so captivating and immersive it’s easy to forgive him for his sporadic offerings of vocals. The band create a percussion soaked experience for fans to get lost within. The discords are simply unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

Head on over to Spotify where you can hear his latest 2017 album in full to get lost in the rich array of sound that the 11 tracks offer you.

Jason Scott – Great Scott!

Whilst it is pretty much impossible to find music which totally encapsulates America as an idea and an entity, by virtue of its size and diversity, cultural blends and creative explorations, there is some music which when heard makes you think of no other place. The bleak and emotive howls of early blues, wild eyed jazz ensembles, the heartland rock of the likes of Petty and Springsteen and the evocative roots sound which is at the heart of Jason Scotts music.

When I’m Good and Ready is like a snapshot into the American music psyche, mixing rootsy blues, country and old school rock and roll into the ultimate soundtrack  for any film which wishes to pin point a sense of place in the space of eight bars. It feels as if the song could come from any time in the last 80 years and be playing in any bar, basement club, juke joint or truck stop you happen to stumble upon. But whilst the setting may be universal, few artists could get it this deliver something this deftly wrought, this effective, this seemingly effortless.

A&R Factory Present: Lycio

Out of Birmingham, Lycio are a contemporary 3-piece bringing a uniquely authentic take on electronic/hybrid music – combining distinctive vocals, real & electronic drums, alongside pad/synth textures. Despite their interest in sound design, Lycio ultimately prioritise the song – great songwriting, vocals & melody.

Following the highly positive reception to ‘Air Part 1’, lycio’s second offering ‘Saharan King’ sees a more reflective side to the band. ‘Saharan King’ was mixed by Craig Davis and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton (mastering artists such as The Beatles, The Chemical Brothers, Mogwai, The Pixies and cutting albums to 12″ by Radiohead, Coldplay, Massive Attack, to name a few).

Emotive lyrics, evolving synths and pulsating sub bass see ‘Saharan King’ crescendo throughout. Lyrically pained verses build in tension, eventually opening out into its final yearning chorus.

Everything is played 100% live; no backing tracks, no playback. Hybrid music with that essential human feel.