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Compatible Blood

Suffer The Evenue – Compatible Blood: A Rabid Anthem of Nu-Metal Revival

If you gave Korn’s nu-metal hooks rabies, they still couldn’t come close to the rancorous grooves in Suffer the Evenue’s driven-by-infectious volition anthem, Compatible Blood.

The track broadsides you with hardcore brutalism as the vocals chameleonically prowl between bruising rap verses and Mike Patton-style ferocity, putting the fourpiece at the vanguard of the nu-metal resurgence.

The four-piece may have honed their sound since their last EP, but you’ll still want to give your speakers a tetanus shot after they have slammed out the cataclysmic discordance that will have every alt-90s metal fan kneeling at the mercy of these inexorable antagonists.

Suffer the Evenue has injected their own brand of tensile electricity into the genre, creating a sound that finds a refreshingly chaotic way to pull at the roots of alt-metal nostalgia while implanting something new into the razed ground of the airwaves.

Whether you were in the pits for the first wave of nu-metal or you’re discovering it for the first time, the raw energy and relentlessly aggressive pushing of boundaries in Compatible Blood make it a standout hit in the alt-metal underground.

Compatible Blood is now available to stream on Spotify with Suffer The Evenue’s Vol 2. Superdeader EP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast