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Spotlight Feature: JACOB CHACKO has made his psych-pop-rock debut with the infectiously up-vibe single, Good Moment

JACOB CHACKO is fresh from the release of his mindfully optimistic debut single, Good Moment, which brings everything it says on the tin.

Sonically, it’s a mash of psych, funk, pop, rock, and soul, pulled together by the sheer evocative magnetism of the psychotropic single that comes complete with spacey synths, grooving funk basslines and 60s psych-pop tendencies.

So many artists start with the intent of creating good vibe music but immediately falter after setting the intent. With JACOB CHACKO, there was no danger of his good vibes falling flat or resonating as trite. The dreamy textures, the vibrant-funk grooves and the vocals that make you instantly want to memorise the lyrics make for a sweetly resolving soundscape that can strip the existential weight right off you.

Here is what JACOB CHACKO had to say about his latest release

“Good Moment is about keeping negative elements at bay, being present, and enjoying the good things in life. It is a simple chill tune, intended to brighten someone’s day. In these uncertain times, we could use a little cheering up… what say you?”

Good Moment is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DYK – Trashcan: It’s Time to Get Excited About Rock Again

Just how DYK managed to make their latest single “Trashcan” sound positively archaic and at the same time fresh as Rock gets will forever remain an act of aural alchemy.

DYK did so much more than create a stellar track, they captured the collective angst of the population and fed it into their song, the lyricism is as sniping and as visceral as it possibly gets. To make sure the sentiment doesn’t fail to fit home the raw vocals are laid down on one of the most melodic yet simultaneously anthemic, funk-driven arrangements I’ve heard in a while.

With the stylistic approach of DYK’s latest single it really is no surprise that it’s on its way to going viral since the flawless single dropped on December 14th.

You can check out the official video to DYK’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast