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TrigaFTW Track ‘P**N’ Is Colorful & Well Produced

While there’s nothing like a standard, pop-structured track to get me into a mood, it’s the songs that fight for unique approaches that tend to grab the attention of those who wish to listen more actively. TrigaFTW could easily drop two verses and a bridge surrounded by endless repetition of chorus hooks. He could even do a good job of it. But for the track P**n, we’re treated to the artist taking things in a different direction.

P**n starts with an intro that is notably longer than most hip hop tracks will allow, but this establishes the mood and lets the instrumentals have their moment of build-up before TrigaFTW breaks through the mix with confident delivery and affected vocals that blend seamlessly with their pulsating sonic environment. There’s a quality to the track that’s hard to pin down, it embraces simplicity and a less-is-more approach but each element used is one step removed from a dry, expected pattern. This song is colorful and well produced. More importantly, it embraces its odd nature and owns itself in presentation.

OOD Release Colorful & Eclectic Track ‘Time To Boogie’

OOD is an incredibly kaleidoscopic band who set out to release an equally colorful and eclectic release. Their recent studio effort is a stunning collection of 14 original songs titled “Understanding The World”. Their music blurs the lines between various genres and really offers a very creative perspective of many styles, including jazz, rock, funk, fusion, pop and a lot more. I love it when artists manage to combine their experimental attitude with a catchier twist, and OOD certainly belong to this category. When I first started listening to “Understanding The World”, it felt like I was almost immediately casted into a whole different world, where musical boundaries and definition did not really make sense at all – the only thing that truly mattered was fun and good vibes!

From the walls of melodic elements to the groovy rhythm section and punchy beats, these talented musicians set out to create al album that feels modern, yet absolutely timeless. The great 14 songs featured within “Understanding The World” truly offer a broad spectrum of sounds and ideas, giving listeners a great taste of the skilled musicianship of these artists.