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Montréal rap group The Grey Era fly overseas with that big bag on ‘Bad Bad’ (feat. TGEWatts and TGEMarx)

Taken off their 11-track album called ‘Grey Tape Vol 1‘, The Grey Era shows us that when you are with someone who is good to you, anything is actually possible if you combine that with your lavish attributes on ‘Bad Bad(feat. TGEWatts and TGEMarx).

The Grey Era is a Montréal, Canada-based indie rap collective that has made an impressive entry in the Hip hop game and is known for its sword-like delivery and fashionable style.

Shading away any possible competition off the table with their eloquent and smooth techniques, The Grey Era stimulate the airwaves with an assured persona that lets you know that they aren’t in the business of messing around with fake cats.

Produced by the well-respected Skywalker, this is a memorable single that shall have you pouring another glass and might have you seduced by their highly passionate flows.

Bad Bad(feat. TGEWatts and TGEMarx) from Montréal, Canada-based indie Hip hop group The Grey Era, is a track all about showing that if the desire is there, anything is possible if the crew is loyal and in the right mindset. Stacking checks is the mission and there is much to like for rap fans on this flurry of rhymes, that will get you into the mood of success.

With songs like this, there is a calming aura on offer to learn from that takes you on a flight of discovery with one of North America’s most promising rap crews.

See this stylish music video on YouTube and see more moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Southampton’s Zen Juddhism knows that very little works out according to plan on ‘Get Along’ (feat. Pammie)

Puzzling as to why you just can’t get through to that person who keeps on pushing you away for no reason, Zen Juddhism rocks the startled speakers alive with some splendid guitar solos and catchy vocals with the new single, ‘Get Along(feat. Pammie).

Zen Juddhism is a Southampton, UK based indie-rock designer collective that was formed by the songwriter/guitarist, Jude Ωne Eight.

From a life spent listening to an array of folk, rock, metal, soul and pop acts, Jude wrote original songs for a rock album inspired by artists most prominent on his playlist at the time, such as Metric, Led Zeppelin, Garbage, Big Country, Fountains Of Wayne and TV On The Radio among others in the run-up to recording sessions in 2014 that became the debut eponymous ZEN JUDDHISM album.” ~ Zen Juddhism

Dispatching us into a thoughtful place to figure out what actually happened to get you into this mind-numbing place, Zen Juddhism is rather brilliant here with a groovy track that has you in the mood to turn up loud and with intent.

Get Along (feat. Pammie) from Southampton, UK based indie-rock designer collective Zen Juddhism, is a speaker-shaking new single from a band who get it all right on this fiery new single all about being confused as you why you are getting pushed out for no reason. There are distinctive solos here that are utterly incredible and seem to hug your ears with the strings, as you flow into a whole new universe. Featuring lush vocals to get you into the mood to dance, this is a positively recommended new single to sing with all night long as you search for those all-important answers.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kept Waiting For The Sunrise: Thelen Creative drop incredible animated video ‘Shade On Me’ (feat. C. Joleene)

With the intriguing beat matching the gasping gaze that has your whole consciousness in utter fascination, Thelen Creative gives us a top new single that has you thinking deeply called ‘Shade On Me(feat. C. Joleene).

Led observantly by Geo Thelen, Thelen Creative is an award-winning Northern California-based indie audio/visual collective, who focus on music and history, whilst making world class work that has you peering in deeper to their extraordinary creations.

The crisp quality of the visuals has your mind in a wrap, as you untangle the thoughts you have felt before if you have ever experienced someone who had that clench over your movements, until you broke free and vowed for it to never happen again.

The lo-fi gem ‘Shade On Me’ (feat. C. Joleene) from Northern California’s Thelen Creative, pulls over the sheet away from the burning sun, as the journey to climb up from the pain is so palpable from the pain in her voice. The visuals match the song perfectly and shows us into the deep story — that requires so much strength — to climb up again and to defeat the demon that is pulling you down below.

Sometimes in life we need to have that inner strength locked in tight, otherwise the easy option would be to just give up and let them overpower you forever.

Stream this new animated piece on YouTube and check out the IG for more visual vibes.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling With You: Pastel Jungle wants that love ‘Overdose’

As the mellow energies transforms your mood with a loving and natural state of mind, Pastel Jungle kindly provide us with one of the best songs of the year so far with ‘Overdose‘.

Pastel Jungle is a UK-based two-piece collective, who cleverly fuse indie-disco with fresh funky rhythms intertwined into this catchy creation, to send us a pulsating feeling of relief into our tired bodies.

They make that genuine vibe that you can’t teach, as they are born with that authentic mindset of keeping it groovy cool. With Kees Phillips on vocals and keys, plus Julius Alcantara on guitar and bass, these two friends have morphed into a duo that keep the music tasting so good in your hungry palate, as they seem to have lots of fun combining forces too.

This is the story of feeling so close to your special soul who truly makes you happy inside, as your stomach twists up and you just know this is the heartbeat you have desired for so long.

The pureness of this indie-disco track has some soothing vocals that bubble into your mind like when you are soaked into a hot bubble bath that is relaxing you all over. The mesmerizing tone has your body in raptures and you just can’t seem to get enough.

Overdose‘ from the hypnotizing UK-based act Pastel Jungle, is a superb track that is up there in terms of overall presentation and a sound that gets it all right. This is the type of song to play with your lover, as you gaze into each others eyes and wish that your time together would last forever.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Flow Too Cold: STEP1 move decisively over the snow and darkness with ‘Came Thru’

After unfortunately dealing with group members living far away from each other, STEP1 have recently found their feet together and have now been able to mesh their lives into the same space on ‘Came Thru‘.

STEP1 are a hip-hop influenced collective from Northern Virginia in the USA, who have beaten the odds to stay together as childhood friends, and make that thoughtfully eloquent real music that is about surviving this wild world, with your sense of humor firmly intact.

Sometimes in life the eyes light up when you see someone, or this could happen when they see you. This is all about keeping those amazing memories close, never thinking of tomorrow as you want to live for tonight and be young for a few hours, as this crazy world can age you quickly otherwise.

With a smartly meshed fusion of hip-hop, funk, soul, and dance elements, they expertly make that original type of music that you can’t compare them with, their unique style sets them apart from the rest with a bustling beat, that has you feeling inspired to reconnect with old friends and talk about the good old days.

Came Thru‘ from North Virginia’s underground group STEP1, makes you feel like there is hope out there if you look for it hard enough under the snow and with minimal light, as you bravely keep your electric energy alive while determinedly following your dreams for a better life.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen