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I Just Wanna Be With You Tonight: Clifford leads us into his mind on ‘I’m So Bored’

With his trusty electric guitar, silky cello, spark-filled electronic synths turned up to the maximum and featuring a catchy chorus that was highly influenced by T-Rex, Clifford wonders why he can’t be with his lover tonight as he really needs to hold them close on ‘I’m So Bored‘.

Clifford is a dual USA/UK citizen, fluent English, French and Arabic speaker, who is based in busy Maryland and expertly composes a well-crafted compound of alt-rock and electronic music.

I’ve always thought to write a good song you have to tell a story through lyrics. But with this song, I realized it would be better told using mostly instrumentals instead.” ~ Clifford

After previously teasing us on ‘Renaissance Fam’ from April 2021, Clifford has our thoughtful minds in a complete flurry of thoughtfulness with a vocally-impressive performance. The bass-booming production has you feeling alive and ready for anything, as you wrap your mind into the story about a highly creative soul – who just wants to express himself with his partner for tonight – as he feels rather lonely and heartily craves that sweet touch.

I’m So Bored‘ from the Maryland-based alt-rock/electronic solo artist Clifford, is a track that evokes memories of another time in the world that you just can’t place. He sings with such a surging and potent swarm of electricity that has your heart beating like no other moment you can remember. This is the type of release to play on full blast when you just need to dance around by yourself, as you miss your lover terribly.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his progression on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Need Change: Clifford is masterful on message-filled new single ‘Renaissance Fam’

His haunting piano-based start soon opens up to an eye-opening story that peels your mind up to new thinking, as Clifford drops the groove to have us all thinking a bit clearer away from the smoggy commercialism of the world on ‘Renaissance Fam’.

Clifford is a thoughtful dual US/UK citizen, fluent English, French and Arabic speaker based in Maryland, who’s genre is mostly indie rock singer-songwriter. He always evolves to find new ways to push the boundaries of music and his mind, to new levels of creative enjoyment.

”I wrote Renaissance Fam to encourage progress, change, equity, inclusivity, and diversity. This song is a message to the subscribers of old ways of thinking that the “Renaissance Fam” is here to encourage positive and ethical changes without wasting any time. We’re living in an age of progress and we need to embrace it.” – Clifford

Renaissance Fam‘ from Maryland-based indie singer-songwriter Clifford, is an evolving-call-to-change, as you feel the ever-growing frustration in his superbly toned voice with how things in the world are currently headed. This is a genre defying track from a clued up artist, who is using his wide platform to promote a more open-minded way of thinking to help the world improve and for this, he must be admired.

Stream this fresh new single on Spotify and see more of his adventures on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen