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California Hip hop artist Fosho emerges from the past in inspiring fashion with ‘AMG’ (War Diamonds)

With a classy-cool ambience that has you in a refined mood to turn up the volume of this purely-made gem, Fosho sends the world a fitting tribute to his Grandma who taught him the right way to live no matter what happened in the past on ‘AMG(War Diamonds).

Fosho is a Los Angeles, California-based indie Hip hop artist and music producer who makes the type of melodies that should have you nodding your head at the excellence on offer.

Sending us into a calmer world that has so many memories that have made you a better person and a guiding light for those who needs real heroes to believe in, Fosho drops a single that will have you feeling so reflective in your own journey and how you just want this love to be real. Being messed around isn’t in the picture as you feel rather ready while thinking back to that role model, who taught you the proper way to love and act.

AMG(War Diamonds) from Los Angeles, California-based indie Hip hop artist/music producer Fosho, is a peaceful single that shines a light on those who use the excuses of yesteryear to take control of their perspectives. With an enlightened attitude that takes you into the world of a man who has found his path without the need to do things that morally would hurt him, this is a top-notch single that will have you in a ponder-filled mood. Life can be filled with treasured memories forever, as long as you don’t let what happened before take you down the road that only ends up in tears if you let it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London-based RnB band Mad Yella loves that feeling when they are together on ‘With Your Love’

Holding our hand and guiding us onto the dance floor that is ready for lots of lovers to unite tonight, Mad Yella shine so brightly on their latest single all about looking into the eye of your romantic partner and staying real close all night on ‘With Your Love‘.

Mad Yella is a London, UK-based 7-piece RnB band who started their journey in Kent and have continued to evolve over time as their signature sound sends shivers down our spines.

Serenading us all with their genuine style that sends your mind into a happy place beyond comprehension, Mad Yella are rather splendid with a memorable release – that will have you suddenly in the mood – to strap on that smile and get moving to find your ideal lover and never let them go. There is nothing complicated here, as rather there is calm energy, with terrific vocals and a finely tuned rhythm that will get you grooving.

With Your Love‘ from the smoothly classy London, UK-based RnB/new soul band Mad Yella is that growing-old-together and keeping-that-spark-alive kind of experience that will surely lift you off your seat and take you to a better place. Sung with pure authenticity and streaming immaculately into our hearts with a soulful embrace, this is the perfect romantic single to gaze into your lover’s eyes with.

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Addictive Kisses: Manchester’s radiant indie-pop artist Minerva Daisy wants to get out of feeling trapped on ‘Substitute’

As she vividly tells us the tumultuous story about feeling so overwhelmed from a highly seductive but ultimately soul-destroying love, Minerva Daisy is absolutely brilliant on her new single called ‘Substitute‘.

Minerva Daisy is a spellbinding Manchester, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and keyboardist, who has a wildly special voice and makes the type of music that has your attention on her closely, as she eagerly swirls your heartbeat into a spin with her stunning tone.

As we take a sip from the story about how being with someone that has cleverly wrapped their powerful fingers around you to keep you in – while you try and get out quickly but are trapped inside by a supremely manipulative person – who has you exactly where they want you.

She sweetly sings with such heart and determination, with her lyrics written so well and with that extra class that separates her from the rest. On an vibrant beat that suits her voice perfectly, this is an excellent song that so many will relate to as we remember those times we loved the kisses so much – but ultimately they were tainted with poison – that seeped like evil fluid into our kind veins, to freeze us like a statue while we are still awake.

Substitute‘ from Manchester’s dazzling indie-pop artist Minerva Daisy, is a catchy song and truthful track that has you thinking deeply about who you lend your heart to, as it can be dangerous if the wrong person has control.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Timi Alexander releases highly emotional track ‘The Ballad of a Keg Heart’

The Ballad of a Keg Heart is a new single from artist Timi Alexander. This singer/songwriter has a nice edge to his music, with a sound that could instantly be described as classy, elegant and understated. The song immediately starts with a nice electric piano groove, going for a mellow vibe that flirts with soft jazz. Timi’s vocals hit soon after. Quite remarkably, Timi has an amazing vocal range that truly matches the width of his piano playing.

This track is highly emotional, showcasing the singer’s full spectrum of tones. His voice can be delicate and soft as needed, but also loud and present, depending on the moment. Inspired by the greatest pop and R&B singers of all times, this talented performer truly managed to capture a stunning performance on this song.

The way the beat kicks in after 3 minutes is truly stunning: when you though the song was not going to change from a piano/vocals arrangement, here is a whole new sonic depth, full of punchy grooves and instinctual vocals.